The Heads of State Rollout New Website

Previously featured firm, The Heads of State, updated their website today, and the design blogosphere is all a flutter with the news. As our dear readership knows the Ballista staff is easily smitten, so here is our two cents.

The new Heads of State website is just enough. Just enough to show casual visitors that Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have excellent design chops, and that the pair know how to put a great looking website together. And just enough to let The Heads of State portfolio (the real reason to be smitten) shine through. There is a substantial amount of work from the pair’s 8 year run on their new site; over 200 projects.

Kernevich and Summers have found success designing concert posters, book covers, editorial illustrations, and logos. The pair’s illustrations can be found alongside editorials in the finest newspapers and magazines on the stands. In short, The Heads of State are more than worthy of your attention. Take a look at their excellent new website and then scroll through their massive body of work. While you’re at it you might as well ‘Like’ the firm on Facebook and follow their updates on Twitter. To peak your interest we have included a few new projects from the “tag-team powerhouse.”

Images via The Heads of State.

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