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Today’s Vibe

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Vibe is a multidisciplinary design agency comprised of three Philadelphian artists (Adil, Mike, and Jason) with every intention to “help rid the world of the ineffective, obsolete, and intrusive marketing techniques that assault every facet of modern life.”

Big New Ideas, Coro New York, Website

Big New Ideas

Providence, Rhode Island

Big New Ideas was founded by Aaron Perry-Zucker and Tino Chow to “help forward-thinking business and organizations start conversations, communicate effectively, and activate community.”

Weightshift, Interhoods, Identity


Chicago, Illinois

Weightshift is a design studio that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco, California. The studio produces elegant and websites, interfaces, identities, and printed collateral.

Simple.Honest.Work, Mies van der Rohe Society, Website


Chicago, Illinois

Simple.Honest.Work is a bi-coastal agency (we like to think of Chicago as the Third Coast) with a small, dedicated team of digital creatives.

Alessandro Cavaterra, The Narrow Way WordPress Theme

Alessandro Cavaterra

Rome, Italy

Alessandro Cavaterra is a graphic designer and user interface developer who has chosen The Eternal City for his base of operations.

Gerren Lamson, LIVESTRONG, Icons

Gerren Lamson

Austin, Texas

Gerren Lamson lives in Austin, TX, and he is a designer, illustrator, and “all-around creative person.”

Colin McKinney, PaperWorld, Detail

Colin McKinney

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Colin McKinney is a Glasgow based web and graphic designer. He has over ten years of industry experience in web design and development, animation, and illustration.

Odopod, IWC, Homepage


San Francisco, California

Odopod is a digital agency that “help[s] brands make new friends.” The agency was founded at the height (circa 2000) and near the heart (San Francisco) of the Silicon Valley boom. It should comes as no surprise that ten years later Odopod is a major player in the areas of digital strategy, user interface (UI) innovation, and digital marketing.

Quite Strong, Website

Quite Strong

Chicago, Illinois

Quite Strong is a collective made up of “creatives of the female variety.” The women of Quite Strong are designers, art directors, web developers, and illustrators.

Synapse, Therefore I Am, Website


Melbourne, Australia

Synapse is an interesting graphic design company that is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. This agency produces a noteworthy amount of print, apparel, web, and branding projects.

SODA Virtual, Festival Mundo, Website

SODA Virtual

Centro João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

Sodavirtual is a Brazilian web agency that is proud of their Brazilian heritage and spirit. Sodavirtual did not design the Rio2016 logo, but the firm has embraced their surrounding “culture cocktail” made up of friendly and happy Brazilians. This envrionment helps the Sodavirtual team bring creativity, innovation, and quality to their work.

Night Owl Interactive, Jay Godfrey, Website

Night Owl Interactive

New York, New York

The Night Owl Interactive team is seven members strong and all kinds of talented. This boutique shop focuses on “building user-friendly websites, web applications, and mobile apps for mid-size companies and educational institutions.”

Helms Workshop, Frank, Environment & Signage

Helms Workshop

Austin, Texas

Helms Workshop provides a full range of brand development, design and advertising services.

Tokyo Digital, Letterpool, Website

Tokyo Digital

London, United Kingdom

Tokyo Digital is primarily a digital agency (surprise), but the firm likes likes to consider itself an idea agency that provides digital solutions — either way, Tokyo Digital delivers top-notch web sites, web apps, social media content, and mobile widgets from its London and Liverpool offices.

InfinVision, BeFluentIn, website


Paris, France

InfinVision differentiates itself from most of the faces and firms we have covered by not focusing on design.

The Heads of State, new website, detail

The Heads of State Rollout New Website

Previously featured firm, The Heads of State, updated their website today, and the design blogosphere is all a flutter with the news. As our dear readership knows the Ballista staff is easily smitten, so here is our two cents. The…
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Happy Cog, MICA

Happy Cog

New York, New York

Happy Cog creates beautiful, standards compliant websites for some of the largest clients out there: Zappos, W3C, and Wordpress; to name a few.

Adam Flanagan, Downtown Crossing, installation

Adam Flanagan

Brooklyn, New York

Adam Flanagan is a Brooklyn-based creative and the art director at 160over90.

Designsensory, Discover Tennessee Trails & Byways, website


Knoxville, Tennessee

Designsensory is a brand, design, and interactive consultancy headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Designsensory team, nearly 20 strong, is particularly savvy at seeing the big picture. They work hard to ensure clients’ core marketing, communication or web issues are identified and addressed.

Mike Kus, Chirp, website

Mike Kus

Bath, United Kingdom

Mike Kus is the design mastermind behind projects such as, The Future of Web Design, Chirp: The Official Twitter Developer Conference, and StackOverlow DevDays websites.