Lesley Barnes - AirMail

Lesley Barnes

Glasgow, Scotland

Lesley Barnes is a Glasgow-based illustrator with a highly geometric and incredibly complex style.

Gold Illustration, Skull

Gareth Roberts

London, United Kingdom

Gareth Roberts is an illustrator, designer, and film director from London, UK.

Stephen Tompkins - Popped

Stephen Tompkins

Los Angeles, California

A self-described “cosmic kid” from Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen Tompkins is painter and illustrator with a reputation for his wild-style pop art.

Bill Brown, Pixelated New Orleans Homes

Bill Brown

Boston, Massachusettts

Bill Brown is a designer and project-based artist who currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Legwork Studio, Airwalk

Legwork Studio

Denver, Colorado

Legwork is a full service creative studio located in Denver, Colorado. The firm has over 35 years of collective industry experience, and they built their practice on “the understanding that you can build a sustainable studio on the principles of creativity, innovation, and DIY ethic.”

Incidental, Roads & Flowers


London, United Kingdom

Incidental is a small London-based agency that specializes in cross-disciplinary creative work. Over the last six years, the agency has produced live performances, public events, software design, CD releases and printed publications.

Laundry, Cartoon Network, animation


Los Angeles, California

Laundry! works on design, animation, live action and visual effects for television commercials, TV network branding, and music videos.

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The Church of London

London, United Kingdom

The Church of London is an energetic, multidisciplinary agency located in London, England.