Edgewood, No Glue Cutting Board


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Edgewood designs and produces a smartly curated selection of eco-friendly home goods.

JGoods - Victorian King 2


Twin Cities, Minnesota

With a client list that includes media A-Listers such as Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer, Prince Fielder, Paul Wall, Memphis Bleek and Cam’Ron, JGoods has his foot (and the creative kicks that are on them) into the door and well over the threshold.

Chippewa Five - Pong Table 3

Chippewa Five

Chippewa Five is a young startup with a limited product line but a powerful presence…despite having only one discernible product at the current time, their take on a classic campus game has become a veritable beast on the web circuit.

Rabobank Nederland, Office Spaces, 2011

Ineke Hans

Arnhem, Holland, The Netherlands

Ineke Hans is an award winning designer, whose work can be found in museums and private collections around the world.

Day Bag

E13 Workshop

Cincinnati, Ohio

E13 Workshop is a Cincinnati, Ohio based designer and manufacturer of furniture and consumer goods.

Gray Design - Sovereign 2

Gray Design

Vargön, Sweden

Founded by its namesake Eduard Gray, this Swedish design company is diversified into four key divisions: yachts, supercars, power & energy, and design divisions.

Ferroconcrete, Pinkberry


Los Angeles, California

Ferroconcrete loves brands! This Los Angeles-based firm is passionate about crafting attractive and entertaining brands for their clients.

Quentin Simonine, L'Edition 2011, The Experience of Construction

Quentin Simonin

Saint Etienne, France

Quentin Simonin is a young French designer who specializes in product design, packaging, interior design, and web design.

Domenic Fiorello - Plant Pods

Domenic Fiorello

Rochester , New York

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Domenic Fiorelli is a “furniture designer and maker” with a love for simple and beautiful objects.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform

Boombang Inc.

Los Angeles, California

Boombang Inc. is a Los Angeles-based think thank that has developed a “reputation for design excellence, business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Tokidoki, 24 Karat


Los Angeles, California

Tokidoki is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2003 by Italian artist Simone Legno, inspired by Japanese culture and surprisingly headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

These Are Things - World Map, Black

These Are Things

Columbus, Ohio

These Are Things was established in 2009 as a collaborative design effort specializing in “design and illustration with a cartographic twist”.

UMI TelePresence


San Jose, California

Whipsaw is an industrial design and engineering consulting firm located in San Jose, California. The firm was founded in 1999 by Dan Harden and Bob Riccomini.

Mingo Lamberti x Pearly Yon, The Tea Cup Collection

Mingo Lamberti

Cape Town, South Africa

Mingo Lamberti is a limited edition t-shirt press with storefronts throughout the metropolitan region of Cape Town, South Africa. Recently, Mingo Lamberti took their first step toward limited edition interior products.

Dieter Volkers, Doorclaxon

Dieter Volkers

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dieter Volkers is a designer from Maastricht, Netherlands, whose products simultaneously delight the user and defy convention.

Adam Hansel - N'Ice Cream

Adam Hansel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Now residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, Adam (aka DEADVOLT, ASH, and/or ADAMSKI) has exceptional skill in the fields of drawing, painting, illustration, animation, design, print, and construction.

PVD - Phuc with Dots


Horsens, Denmark

Dutch design firm PHUCISME works with the mantra of “new person | new idea | new collaboration”. While PHUCISME assumes a graphic and edgy style (as shown in the gallery below), they have successfully merged commercial pragmatism with artistic innovation.

Flatau - vs.You Army

Florian Flatau

Munich, Germany

Currently based in Munich FLATAU started from humble beginnings, stemming from roots using the moniker SHAWN to his period as THESIGNER to his eventual landing on his current name of FLATAU.

WWAA - Competition Entry

WWAA Architects

Warsaw, Poland

WWAA Architects was founded as an architecture firm but has since experienced a great deal of success in parallel fields such as graphic design, fashion, furniture/product design, and interiors.

Rojo - Lamp

Ariel Rojo

Mexico City, Mexico

Ariel Rojo is an incredibly diverse design talent. His studio has offices in Mexico City and Barcelona.