Bud Rodecker - Printervention Poster, with John Pobojewski

Bud Rodecker

Chicago, Illinois

In addition to his collaborative venture with John Pobojewski, Tinne Van Loon and Rick Valicenti of Thirst, Bud Rodecker is a self-described “graphic designer, photographer, artist, thinker, talker, and jokester”.

Oat, Wagamama


Somerville, Massachusetts

Oat is a graphic design studio whose work can be seen all over Boston. Since 2008, Oat has been creating their engaging consumer experiences from their Sommerville-based studio.

Neil Warburton - Jenny

Neil Warburton

Neil Warburton is a versatile talent that has exceptional portfolio work in the fields of graphic design, branding/identity, web design, illustration, sculpture, and photography.

Midnight Umbrella - Tangram Postcard

Midnight Umbrella

Worcester, Massachusetts

Ryan Arruda of Midnight Umbrella is a “photographer–turned collage artist–turned graphic designer–turned poster designer, who’s also now trying his hand at illustration.”

Annie Collinge - Taylor Wessing Prize 2008

Annie Collinge

Brooklyn, New York

Annie Collinge is a photographer that was born in London but has since taken up residence in the design-savvy Brooklyn borough of New York.

Christopher Jaurique, LA Times

Christopher Jaurique

Los Angeles, California

Christopher Jaurique is a student at the Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, California.

Cody Hamilton

Cody Hamilton

Austin, Texas

Cody Hamilton is a photographer, re-toucher, and illustrator from Austin, Texas.

Joe Schaeppi - When Waves Bring Snow

Joe Schaeppi

Lake Tahoe, California

An avid and accomplished skiing enthusiast, Joe Schaeppi “combines his passion for pristine landscapes along with various action sports in some of the most remote and dynamic places in the world”.

NoPatter - Target Racing

NoPattern Studio

Grand Rapids, Michigan

NoPattern is a multidisciplinary design agency that was established in 2003 by design guru Chuck Anderson.

Hillary Fisher - Gratuitous Artsy Pic

Hillary Fisher

San Francisco, California

As a recent graduate of the University of Texas Ms. Fisher was educated in marketing and creative advertising and has experience in interactive design, branding, packaging, print, concept, and identity work.

Lucid - Think Packaging Logo - Tile

Lucid Design

Nelson, New Zealand

Lucid Design is a graphic design and web development studio, established in 2000 by founder Galen King during his time as a student at Canterbury University.

Adam Flanagan, Downtown Crossing, installation

Adam Flanagan

Brooklyn, New York

Adam Flanagan is a Brooklyn-based creative and the art director at 160over90.

JR - Women Are Heroes



JR is a street artist, activist, and the winner of the 2011 TED prize.



Montreuil sous Bois, France

Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez exist, some might say thrive, in the gray area between fine art and design. The pair operate the design collective HELMO in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

Scott Hansen - Elk Print

Scott Hansen & ISO50

San Franciso, California

Scott Hansen and his design firm ISO50 hail from the “City by the Bay” and further that city’s already-stellar design reputation.

Aaron Robbs, logo

Aaron Robbs

Atlanta, Georgia

Aaron Robbs is a designer at MailChimp, and his ability to smartly blend type, images, and textures is a major asset for that company.

Jean Jullien, Nike, Nike 78 project

Jean Jullien

London, United Kingdom

Jean Jullien is an extremely talented and widely published designer/illustrator who hails from Nantes, France.



Port Jefferson, New York

ONETWENTYSIX is a small boutique studio that produces work of exceptional quality and craft.