Laundry - Patagonia Earth Series

Laundry Design Studio

Portland, Oregon

Laundry Studio specializes in “providing services in creative direction, graphic design, illustration and surface design for digital, print and environmental media.”

PTARMAK, Old Faithful Shop


Austin, Texas

PTARMAK has a well balanced portfolio full of great design work and old-timey goodness!

Adam Flanagan, Downtown Crossing, installation

Adam Flanagan

Brooklyn, New York

Adam Flanagan is a Brooklyn-based creative and the art director at 160over90.

Rojo - Lamp

Ariel Rojo

Mexico City, Mexico

Ariel Rojo is an incredibly diverse design talent. His studio has offices in Mexico City and Barcelona.

Majestic Theatre


Madison, Wisconsin

Swink is a talented multidisciplinary design firm, and an underdog by choice. We respect the heck out of them for that.

Ledoux - Suicide Squeeze Buddies

Jesse LeDoux

Seattle, Washington

Jesse LeDoux started out as an art director for the SubPop record label. He establishing LeDouxville in 2004, and has been creating top-tier freelance work ever since.

CCS - Balthazar Gift Box

Christine Celic Strohl

San Francisco, California

Christine Celic Strohl is rapidly building her national and international reputation on a foundation of strong and unique design.

The Map Office - 88Morningside

The Map Office

New York, New York

The Map Office prides themselves on being “a contemporary design agency striving to build compelling visual brands through strategy, design and technology”.

Designliga, Das Neue Kubitscheck


Munich, Germany

Interior design is interesting due to its pervasiveness. From high end boutiques to you grandmother’s living room, conscious design choices ultimately shape your experience of a space. Designliga is adept at making these choices. The firm’s work for Das Neue Kubitscheck, a pastry shop in Munich, is a perfect blend of cutting edge, modern and traditional comfort.

Bureau of Betterment, MacTarnahan’s Brewing, Slingshot 6 pack

Bureau of Betterment

Portland, Oregon

Bureau of Betterment is more than just a exceptional design firm. For founder, Mette Hornung Rankin, the Bureau is a platform for creative exploration.

Wink - Daub & Bauble 1

Wink, Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wink is a multi-disciplinary design firm hailing from one of the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Subplot - Kasian Architects

Subplot Design

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“We don’t do it for the awards, but we get’em anyway.” Subplot talks a big game, but their portfolio definitely does its part to back up the talk.

Korn Design, The Curtis Hotel, Signage

Korn Design

Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1992, Korn Design has garnered a level of success equal to firms twice its age. The firm is equally suited to projects focusing on website design, restaurant design, or both.