BBB - Three Sixty


New York City, New York

Hailing from New York City, BoyBurnsBarn is a graphic design studio with a penchant for pushing the limits of design.

Neil Kellerhouse

Neil Kellerhouse

Los Angeles, California

Neil Kellerhouse has worked for Pixar, Steven Soderbergh, David Fincher, and The Criterion Collection. His work is seen by millions of moviegoers.

Gerardot & Co. - Wind River Packaging

Gerardot & Co.

Carmel, Indiana

Semi-fresh on the heels of the city’s fantastic showing for Super Bowl XVI, Gerardot & Co. is one of many burgeoning design firms hailing from the Circle City.

Grip - Girl & Goat

Grip Design

Chicago, Illinois

Headquartered in the Windy City, Grip Design is a results-driven design agency that believes design is an investment, not an expense.

Office - enviga


San Francisco, California

Founded in 2003 by creative director Jason Schulte, Office is a creative agency that works with leading brands and emerging businesses to clarify their stories and create tangible experiences.

Supply, Saxton, Packaging


Auckland, New Zealand

Supply is a design studio that “sweats blood, forgets loved ones birthdays and neglects houseplants in the service of good creative.”

Nick Brue - Wedding Invitation

Nick Brue

Minneapolis, MN

Hailing from the City of the Lakes (Minneapolis, MN), Nick Brue is a graphic designer and illustrator with a diverse portfolio of work.

KSS - Solarwing, Web

Kitchen Sink Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

Kitchen Sink Studios is a creative and design consultancy based in Phoenix, Arizona and operated by Nicolas Hower and Kory Kapfer. The dynamic duo offers a wide range of design services — everything including the kitchen sink.

Canvas Group, Fox Johnston, Website

Canvas Group

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Canvas Group is a Sydney-based creative agency made up of a tight-knit team of designers. The agency has worked on over 3,000 projects and their awards speak to their success.

Quentin Simonine, L'Edition 2011, The Experience of Construction

Quentin Simonin

Saint Etienne, France

Quentin Simonin is a young French designer who specializes in product design, packaging, interior design, and web design.

Catherine Bourdon, g'erme

Catherine Bourdon

Melbourne, Australia

Catherine Bourdon is a Canadian creative who specializes in print, branding, packaging and green design.

ONEFASTBUFFALO - Fort Worth Stockyards, Web Page


Dallas, Texas

Founded by Ben Jenkins in 1999 and specializing in the “Art of Brand Manufacturing”, ONEFASTBUFFALO is a comprehensive design agency with a style that is distinctly Texas.

Greg Tariff - Overpopulation

Greg Tariff

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Greg Tariff is an interactive and graphic designer from western Massachusetts that is currently living in Hilton Head, SC. Trained in Graphic and Interactive Communications at the Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), Greg is an extraordinary talent with an impressive list of employers including Draft FCB, GREY Worldwide, and BFG Communications.

Stir- Glace, Branding

Stir, LLC

Kansas City, Missouri

Stir, LLC is a marketing and branding agency hailing from the “Paris of the Plains”, Kansas City.


Ah&Oh Studio

Pozan, Poland

Ah&Oh Studio was founded in 2008 by Magda Katek and Kamil Jerzykowski. The studio is located in Poznan, Poland, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw.

Ai Carver, Jazzoo, Identity

Ai Carver

Kansas City, Missouri

Ai Carver is a designer at Barkley in Kansas City, Missouri, and has an exemplary portfolio of branding, logo, packaging, illustration, collateral, and conceptual work.

Snow & Graham - Greeting Cards

Snow & Graham

Chicago, Illinois

Snow and Graham has been an “aesthetic headquarters” in the Windy City since 1998, specializing in modern paper novelties, exotic stationary materials, and fine art letterpress printing.

Bibliothèque Design, Le Corbusier @ Barbican, Exhbition Design

Bibliothèque Design

London, United Kingdom

Bibliothèque Design is a strong design consultancy based in London, England, with an international list of clients and projects. Bibliothèque was founded in 2003 by directors Tim Beard, Jonathon Jeffrey, and Mason Wells. The consultancy “produce[s] effective and captivating design solutions that are underpinned by conceptual thinking, meticulous attention to detail and innovative production.”

Helms Workshop, Frank, Environment & Signage

Helms Workshop

Austin, Texas

Helms Workshop provides a full range of brand development, design and advertising services.

Matchstic, Atlanta Mission, Brand Identity


Atlanta, Georgia

According to brand identity firm Matchstic, “in business, your brand is everything.”