El Jefe - Dum Dum GIrls

El Jefe

Derwood, Maryland

Hailing from just outside of America’s capital city, El Jefe is a heavyweight among the ranks of up-and-coming designers.

Brian Hurst - Wedding Save-The-Date

Brian Hurst & The Quiet Society

Anaheim, California

Brian Hurst is a graphic designer and illustrator hailing from the happiest place on Earth and the home of Disneyland: Anaheim, California!

Sneaky Raccoon - Dixon Baxi Connect the Dots

Sneaky Raccoon

London, England

Working under the guise of Sneaky Raccoon, Anna Mullin in a freelance art director and graphic designer from London, England

Luke Bott - Standard

Luke Bott

Wichita, Kansas

Luke Bott is a designer and illustrator from Wichita, KS whose work has been featured in publications such as Step 100, LogoLounge, Print Magazine, Identity Magazine, and Computer Arts Magazine.

Nick Brue - Wedding Invitation

Nick Brue

Minneapolis, MN

Hailing from the City of the Lakes (Minneapolis, MN), Nick Brue is a graphic designer and illustrator with a diverse portfolio of work.

& SMITH, Coworth Park, The Barn


London, United Kingdom

& SMITH is a London-based design studio that is small on size, but big on ideas.

Bobby McKenna - Self-Promo Poster (Detail)

Bobby McKenna

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bobby McKenna is a fantastically talented designer and illustrator currently collaborating with the British firm Supernice on web and print projects.

Ai Carver, Jazzoo, Identity

Ai Carver

Kansas City, Missouri

Ai Carver is a designer at Barkley in Kansas City, Missouri, and has an exemplary portfolio of branding, logo, packaging, illustration, collateral, and conceptual work.

Newhouse - How to Make Some Big $

Michael Newhouse

Bozeman, Montana

Headquartered just outside the natural beauty of Bozeman, Montana, the studio of Michael Newhouse has become known for diagrammatic cartography, infographics, plans, icons, logos, and illustrations.

Ben Barry - Connectivity Diagram

Ben Barry

Palo Alto, California

Running in the same vein as a past feature, Gerard Huerta, Ben Barry’s logo work is among the most recognizable work of our time. As he is one of the masterminds behind Facebook’s “buttons”, Mr. Barry has cultivated the graphic identity of the Facebook platform and headquarters.

Gerard Huerta - Swiss Army

Gerard Huerta

Southport, Connecticut

Gerard Huerta is one of the most visible human beings in the world and among the most visible of all time.