Manifesto Architecture - Infostructure 2

Manifesto Architecture

New York, New York

Manifesto Architecture is a full-service architectural and interior design firm specializing in residential, commercial, office, and institutional architectural discourse.

LOC - Pano

LOC Architects

Los Angeles, California

LOC Architects is a small but powerful architectural firm competing for its stake of the American architectural landscape.

Mingo Lamberti x Pearly Yon, The Tea Cup Collection

Mingo Lamberti

Cape Town, South Africa

Mingo Lamberti is a limited edition t-shirt press with storefronts throughout the metropolitan region of Cape Town, South Africa. Recently, Mingo Lamberti took their first step toward limited edition interior products.

RAU - British School


Amsterdam, Netherlands

RAU has secured a foothold on the cusp of environmentally sustainable design, especially in the fields of carbon neutrality and self-sufficiency. Their architectural portfolio is thoughtful, contextually appropriate, and conceptually inspired

Space - Monarch Bistro, Butterfly Room

Space Architectural Design

St. Louis, Missouri

Established in 2005, Space is an architectural design firm that has fantastic portfolios in the market sectors of hospitality, education, health care, corporate office, residential, and branding.

Apollo - Tepe Private Residence

Apollo Architecture Studio

Tokyo, Japan

Apollo was established by Satoshi Kurosaki and has become known for its incredible sensitivity to building tactility and the marriage of materials. Apollo has produced literally dozens of formally forward, yet fantastically constructed architectural works that push the envelope without compromising structural integrity or programmatic function.

Matter - Delightoscope MoMA PS1 Entry

Matter Practice

Brooklyn, New York

Matter Practice is an architecture and exhibition design firm located in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York.

Rojo - Lamp

Ariel Rojo

Mexico City, Mexico

Ariel Rojo is an incredibly diverse design talent. His studio has offices in Mexico City and Barcelona.

STL - Kaohsuing Development (Kaohsuing City, Taiwan)

STL Architects

Chicago, Illinois

STL was founded in 1996 and is currently led by Luis Collado, Jose Luis de la Fuente and Tracy Susanne Salvia.

nemaworkshop, D'espresso

Nema Workshop

New York, New York

nemaworkshop is an ingenious firm that specializes in interior design and architecture. The firm’s work is both clever and amusing, and the collective has truly expanded the boundaries of their chosen disciplines. Made up of a team of architects, designers, and thinkers, Nema strives to “create spaces which are conceptually innovative and highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts.”

Continuum - Magic Beans Experience Design


Boston, Massachusetts

Continuum was established in 1983 by design guru Gianfranco Zaccai and prides itself on being the proverbial melting pot of business and design.

Asylum, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, interior design


Asylum defies convention. Rather than being confined to traditional boundaries, the agency works on any project where their diverse skills can be beneficial.

Breathe Architecture - Orrong Road House 2

Breathe Architecture

Melbourne, Australia

Led by Jeremy McLeod, Breathe Architecture has structured itself around a design ethos that centralizes on the concepts of quality, style, and sustainability.

The Map Office - 88Morningside

The Map Office

New York, New York

The Map Office prides themselves on being “a contemporary design agency striving to build compelling visual brands through strategy, design and technology”.

Alexander Munk, Sasan / Magic Carpet

Alexander Munk

Berlin, Germany

Alexander Munk is a multi-talented German designer who’s work spans several design disciplines. Munk’s online portfolio features work from identity/branding, graphic design, environments/interiors, and product design. Unfortunately, we don’t speak German, though the amount of design talent in that country is making us strongly consider brushing up our Deutsch.

UXUS Design, Ella Dining Room & Bar

UXUS Design

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

UXUS Design is a design consultancy that offers artistic solutions for commercial needs. UXUS has completed work for a significant list of international clients in the fields of retail, brand/identity and communication, architecture and interiors, and hospitality.

Designliga, Das Neue Kubitscheck


Munich, Germany

Interior design is interesting due to its pervasiveness. From high end boutiques to you grandmother’s living room, conscious design choices ultimately shape your experience of a space. Designliga is adept at making these choices. The firm’s work for Das Neue Kubitscheck, a pastry shop in Munich, is a perfect blend of cutting edge, modern and traditional comfort.

Codesign - SkiThru Restaurant


Stockholm, Sweden

Codesign specializes in exhibition space, interiors, and private residences; however, they also dabble in the realms of product and interface design.

Wink - Daub & Bauble 1

Wink, Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wink is a multi-disciplinary design firm hailing from one of the Twin Cities of Minnesota.