Grip - Girl & Goat

Grip Design

Chicago, Illinois

Headquartered in the Windy City, Grip Design is a results-driven design agency that believes design is an investment, not an expense.

The Nerdery - EA Sports Smack Shack

The Nerdery

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A self-proclaimed haven of nerd-dom, the appropriately named Nerdery is a Minneapolis-based interactive production company with a history of explosive growth.

Mint Digital - Speedo Pace Club, Website

Mint Digital

London, England

Organized as a melting pot of software developers, interaction designers, and creative strategists, Mint Digital is a design agency headquartered in London and New York.

Mark Pernice - Veer Type

Mark Pernice

Brooklyn, New York

Mark Pernice is a graphic designer and illustrator from Brooklyn, New York that runs a fantastic design studio that goes by the name Matic.

Dixon's Apple Orchard Website

3 Advertising

Albuquerque, New Mexico

3 Advertising is a full-service advertising and design firm headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Supply, Saxton, Packaging


Auckland, New Zealand

Supply is a design studio that “sweats blood, forgets loved ones birthdays and neglects houseplants in the service of good creative.”

KSS - Solarwing, Web

Kitchen Sink Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

Kitchen Sink Studios is a creative and design consultancy based in Phoenix, Arizona and operated by Nicolas Hower and Kory Kapfer. The dynamic duo offers a wide range of design services — everything including the kitchen sink.

Canvas Group, Fox Johnston, Website

Canvas Group

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Canvas Group is a Sydney-based creative agency made up of a tight-knit team of designers. The agency has worked on over 3,000 projects and their awards speak to their success.

Reverend Danger, Work Graphic

Reverend Danger

San Diego, California

Reverend Danger is a young agency that packs a one-two punch: experience and creativity. The agency’s website is a must see and a foreshadowing of great projects to come.

Ferroconcrete, Pinkberry


Los Angeles, California

Ferroconcrete loves brands! This Los Angeles-based firm is passionate about crafting attractive and entertaining brands for their clients.

Tatiana Plakhova - Geosphere

Tatiana Plakhova

Moscow, Russia

A 30-year old native of Moscow, Tatiana Plakhova has advanced degrees in Social Psychology and Graphic Design — a mixture of science and art that has undoubtedly inspired her portfolio of self-described “complexity graphics”.

Bill Brown, Pixelated New Orleans Homes

Bill Brown

Boston, Massachusettts

Bill Brown is a designer and project-based artist who currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dare, Gap


London, UK

Dare is an international creative agency that is modeled for the digital world. Dare firmly believes that a multi-location, multidisciplinary approach is the best way to achieve success in the current creative landscape.

Greg Tariff - Overpopulation

Greg Tariff

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Greg Tariff is an interactive and graphic designer from western Massachusetts that is currently living in Hilton Head, SC. Trained in Graphic and Interactive Communications at the Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), Greg is an extraordinary talent with an impressive list of employers including Draft FCB, GREY Worldwide, and BFG Communications.

20nine - Homepage


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

20nine is a fantastically innovative design firm from Conshohoken, PA whose goal is to “develop a clear, concise representation of the brand with the sole purpose of inspiring and soliciting a response from the end user.”

Zara Hoang - Handsome Cycles, Interactive

Zara Hoang

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Working out of the City of the Lakes, Zara Hoang is an interactive designer and illustrator that embraces the transient nature of the internet and the evolutionary possibilities this dynamic media affords.

Sevnthsin, Metro Magazine, App


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sevnthsin is a digital creative agency from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This interactive agency is a stickler about how to spell their name, and we can’t blame them. The agency produces award-winning websites and interactive content on the regular; the least we can do is get their byline correct.

Christopher Jaurique, LA Times

Christopher Jaurique

Los Angeles, California

Christopher Jaurique is a student at the Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, California.

Full Stop

Full Stop

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Full Stop is a “web design & development shop” from the home of Andy Warhol, the Steelers, and the 57 varieties of the H. J. Heinz Company.

Felton - Feltron 2006 Annual Report (2)

Nicholas Felton

New York, New York

Nicholas Felton is an information designer that has developed a reputation for translating raw information into beautiful and thoughtful graphics.