Gray Design - Sovereign 2

Gray Design

Vargön, Sweden

Founded by its namesake Eduard Gray, this Swedish design company is diversified into four key divisions: yachts, supercars, power & energy, and design divisions.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform

Boombang Inc.

Los Angeles, California

Boombang Inc. is a Los Angeles-based think thank that has developed a “reputation for design excellence, business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit.”

UMI TelePresence


San Jose, California

Whipsaw is an industrial design and engineering consulting firm located in San Jose, California. The firm was founded in 1999 by Dan Harden and Bob Riccomini.

Stéphan Angoulvant, Omak Fishing Grill

Stéphan Angoulvant

Los Angeles, California

Stéphan Angoulvant is an industrial designer with an incredible array of projects to his name. He also founded Lumi Co, and enjoys the outdoors.

Dieter Volkers, Doorclaxon

Dieter Volkers

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dieter Volkers is a designer from Maastricht, Netherlands, whose products simultaneously delight the user and defy convention.

Flatau - vs.You Army

Florian Flatau

Munich, Germany

Currently based in Munich FLATAU started from humble beginnings, stemming from roots using the moniker SHAWN to his period as THESIGNER to his eventual landing on his current name of FLATAU.

Jee Bundy -  Bamboo Fruit Bowl and Felt Trivet

Jee Bundy

Penfield, New York

Jee Bundy is the winner of Ballista Magazine’s Summer Camp Extravaganza competition, sponsored by Ponoko.

Chefs Knife

MKS Design

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Inspiration is always within arms reach in a kitchen stocked with MKS knives. The magnificent blades, designed by Adam Simha, draw on the designer’s life experiences.