Sneaky Raccoon - Dixon Baxi Connect the Dots

Sneaky Raccoon

London, England

Working under the guise of Sneaky Raccoon, Anna Mullin in a freelance art director and graphic designer from London, England

CNN Grill

Timothy Goodman

San Francisco, California

Timothy Goodman is a designer, illustrator and art director that has worked for the likes of Simon & Schuster, CNN, Microsoft and Apple, Inc.

Dan Matutina - Soundskool

Dan Matutina

Katipunan, Quezon City, Phillipines

Dan Matutina is an illustrator from the Phillipines who describes his style as a “mix of handmade & digital, clean & dirty, old & modern aesthetics.”

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson

Bristol, United Kingdom

Jack Hudson is a Bristol-based illustrator with a compelling body of work.

Mister Cartoon - Tattoo Work 10

Mister Cartoon

Los Angeles, California

Hailing from the City of Angels (Los Angeles, CA), Mark Machada aka Mister Cartoon has been a body art mainstay among the most high-profile clients in the music industry.

Helsingin Juhlaviikot / Helsinki Festival

Vesa Sammalisto

Berlin, Germany

Vesa Sammalisto is a Finnish illustrator who is currently headquartered in Berlin, Germany. His illustrations possess an incredible amount of detail and a terrific sense of depth.

Mark Pernice - Veer Type

Mark Pernice

Brooklyn, New York

Mark Pernice is a graphic designer and illustrator from Brooklyn, New York that runs a fantastic design studio that goes by the name Matic.

Timeout London

Miles Donovan

London, United Kingdom

Miles Donovan is a London-based illustrator and member of Peepshow Collective.

Lesley Barnes - AirMail

Lesley Barnes

Glasgow, Scotland

Lesley Barnes is a Glasgow-based illustrator with a highly geometric and incredibly complex style.

Asset International

John Hendrix

St. Louis, Missouri

John Hendrix loves to draw. His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications, and he has published three picture books to date.

Luke Bott - Standard

Luke Bott

Wichita, Kansas

Luke Bott is a designer and illustrator from Wichita, KS whose work has been featured in publications such as Step 100, LogoLounge, Print Magazine, Identity Magazine, and Computer Arts Magazine.

Levi's, Web

Marie Laurent

London, United Kingdom

Marie Laurent is a 24 year old interactive and graphic designer. Hailing originally from France, Marie graduated in 2010 from Gobelins, Paris with a master’s degree in digital design and production.

Dan Mumford - Francesca

Dan Mumford

London, England

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator from London whose detailed illustrations have graced many album covers and rockers’ backs.

Gold Illustration, Skull

Gareth Roberts

London, United Kingdom

Gareth Roberts is an illustrator, designer, and film director from London, UK.

Phil McAndrew - Diplomacy

Phil McAndrew

San Diego, California

Working out of San Diego, CA by way of Syracuse, NY, Phil McAndrew is an illustrator and cartoonist with a special brand of style.

Omar Noory - Terran

Omar Noory

Columbus, Ohio

Omar Noory is a versatile designer from Columbus, Ohio — if you ask him, he’s just “a stupid kid with a website”…but we know better.

Nick Brue - Wedding Invitation

Nick Brue

Minneapolis, MN

Hailing from the City of the Lakes (Minneapolis, MN), Nick Brue is a graphic designer and illustrator with a diverse portfolio of work.

AMOSE - 12


Lille, France

AMOSE is an exceptional artist from Lille, France whose work exhibits a beautiful exploration and artistic exploitation of the human form.

Mitch Blunt - Urban Beekeeping

Mitch Blunt

London, United Kingdom

Mitch Blunt is an illustrator from London with an style that is all his own — his handcrafted aesthetic may be simple, but packs an undeniable punch.

Adam Garcia, Nike, Year of the Rabbit AF-1

Adam Garcia

Portland, Oregon

Adam Garcia is a graphic designer in Nike’s Global Brand Design category. He also maintains an ambitious freelance and consultancy practice under the studionym, The Pressure.