Reverend Danger, Work Graphic

Reverend Danger

San Diego, California

Reverend Danger is a young agency that packs a one-two punch: experience and creativity. The agency’s website is a must see and a foreshadowing of great projects to come.

Ferroconcrete, Pinkberry


Los Angeles, California

Ferroconcrete loves brands! This Los Angeles-based firm is passionate about crafting attractive and entertaining brands for their clients.

Mattson Creative, Natalie Ebnet, Logo & Business Card

Mattson Creative

Irvine, California

Mattson Creative is an Orange County based design studio specializing in identity development, illustration, and interaction design.

Dare, Gap


London, UK

Dare is an international creative agency that is modeled for the digital world. Dare firmly believes that a multi-location, multidisciplinary approach is the best way to achieve success in the current creative landscape.

Legwork Studio, Airwalk

Legwork Studio

Denver, Colorado

Legwork is a full service creative studio located in Denver, Colorado. The firm has over 35 years of collective industry experience, and they built their practice on “the understanding that you can build a sustainable studio on the principles of creativity, innovation, and DIY ethic.”

Sajak & Farki, Together is Amazing, Shaw Communications

Sajak & Farki

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sajak & Farki is a digital/creative studio located in Calgary AB, Canada. The studio is well versed in a variety of mediums, and excels at the creation of digital environments.

ONEFASTBUFFALO - Fort Worth Stockyards, Web Page


Dallas, Texas

Founded by Ben Jenkins in 1999 and specializing in the “Art of Brand Manufacturing”, ONEFASTBUFFALO is a comprehensive design agency with a style that is distinctly Texas.

Jared Chapman - King Beat

Jared Chapman

Austin, Texas

Jared Chapman is a witty and skilled illustrator currently working out of the capital of the Lone Star State: Austin, TX!

Greg Tariff - Overpopulation

Greg Tariff

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Greg Tariff is an interactive and graphic designer from western Massachusetts that is currently living in Hilton Head, SC. Trained in Graphic and Interactive Communications at the Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), Greg is an extraordinary talent with an impressive list of employers including Draft FCB, GREY Worldwide, and BFG Communications.

Character Toy Design

Clare O’Reilly

London, United Kingdom

Clare O’Reilly is a multi-discipline designer with 4 years experience and an ambitious approach to design work.

Neil Warburton - Jenny

Neil Warburton

Neil Warburton is a versatile talent that has exceptional portfolio work in the fields of graphic design, branding/identity, web design, illustration, sculpture, and photography.

20nine - Homepage


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

20nine is a fantastically innovative design firm from Conshohoken, PA whose goal is to “develop a clear, concise representation of the brand with the sole purpose of inspiring and soliciting a response from the end user.”

Stir- Glace, Branding

Stir, LLC

Kansas City, Missouri

Stir, LLC is a marketing and branding agency hailing from the “Paris of the Plains”, Kansas City.

Mathieu Langlois, Website Design

Mathieu Langlois

Mont-Saint-Aignan, France

Mathieu Langlois is a freelance web and visual designer from the northern coast of France. Mathieu has one of the most compelling websites we have seen.

Bobby McKenna - Self-Promo Poster (Detail)

Bobby McKenna

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bobby McKenna is a fantastically talented designer and illustrator currently collaborating with the British firm Supernice on web and print projects.

TV - Moss Marketing

Today’s Vibe

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Vibe is a multidisciplinary design agency comprised of three Philadelphian artists (Adil, Mike, and Jason) with every intention to “help rid the world of the ineffective, obsolete, and intrusive marketing techniques that assault every facet of modern life.”

Nick Iluzada - Boys

Nick Iluzada

Baltimore, Maryland

Nick Iluzada is a currently a senior at MIC/A and is majoring in illustration: his work has a handcrafted, yet polished aesthetic that has the ability to span a variety of mediums and themes.

Weightshift, Interhoods, Identity


Chicago, Illinois

Weightshift is a design studio that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco, California. The studio produces elegant and websites, interfaces, identities, and printed collateral.

Alessandro Cavaterra, The Narrow Way WordPress Theme

Alessandro Cavaterra

Rome, Italy

Alessandro Cavaterra is a graphic designer and user interface developer who has chosen The Eternal City for his base of operations.

Ty Wilkins - Edinburgh Panorama

Ty Wilkins

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Ty Wilkins’ graphic design work is eloquent in its simplicity, profound in its execution, and often utilizes highly geometric forms in modern mosaic arrangements.