graphic design

Gold Illustration, Skull

Gareth Roberts

London, United Kingdom

Gareth Roberts is an illustrator, designer, and film director from London, UK.

Omar Noory - Terran

Omar Noory

Columbus, Ohio

Omar Noory is a versatile designer from Columbus, Ohio — if you ask him, he’s just “a stupid kid with a website”…but we know better.

Nick Brue - Wedding Invitation

Nick Brue

Minneapolis, MN

Hailing from the City of the Lakes (Minneapolis, MN), Nick Brue is a graphic designer and illustrator with a diverse portfolio of work.

AMOSE - 12


Lille, France

AMOSE is an exceptional artist from Lille, France whose work exhibits a beautiful exploration and artistic exploitation of the human form.

Mitch Blunt - Urban Beekeeping

Mitch Blunt

London, United Kingdom

Mitch Blunt is an illustrator from London with an style that is all his own — his handcrafted aesthetic may be simple, but packs an undeniable punch.

KSS - Solarwing, Web

Kitchen Sink Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

Kitchen Sink Studios is a creative and design consultancy based in Phoenix, Arizona and operated by Nicolas Hower and Kory Kapfer. The dynamic duo offers a wide range of design services — everything including the kitchen sink.

McGowan_Polo - D-Business

Edward McGowan/Parko Polo

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edward McGowan (and his alter-ego Parko Polo) is/are a fantastic illustrator/illustrators from Edinburgh, UK. With completely separate porfolio/portfolios of work/works, this is one of our most unusual feature/features ever.

Bud Rodecker - Printervention Poster, with John Pobojewski

Bud Rodecker

Chicago, Illinois

In addition to his collaborative venture with John Pobojewski, Tinne Van Loon and Rick Valicenti of Thirst, Bud Rodecker is a self-described “graphic designer, photographer, artist, thinker, talker, and jokester”.

Tatiana Plakhova - Geosphere

Tatiana Plakhova

Moscow, Russia

A 30-year old native of Moscow, Tatiana Plakhova has advanced degrees in Social Psychology and Graphic Design — a mixture of science and art that has undoubtedly inspired her portfolio of self-described “complexity graphics”.

Stephen Tompkins - Popped

Stephen Tompkins

Los Angeles, California

A self-described “cosmic kid” from Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen Tompkins is painter and illustrator with a reputation for his wild-style pop art.

Nathan Manire - Spank Rock, Detail

Nathan Manire

New York, New York

Nathan Manire is a unique and versatile design talent currently working out of New York City, with a bag of design tricks that include typography, art direction, branding & identity, information design, and illustration.

Couto Brothers - M&M

Couto Brothers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

According to their website, the Couto Brothers’ collaborative venture is “the culmination of the creative energies of two distinctly different individuals who share not only common blood, but a common drive for artistic exploration and excellence”. The yin to the other’s yang, the Couto duo fuses their individual styles into collateral that is at once eclectic and harmonious.

John Martz - 8-Bit Booty

John Martz

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Currently working out of Toronto, Ontario, John Martz is a talented illustrator, typographer, and “world-famous escape artist”.

Alex Trochut - 1

Alex Trochut

Barcelona, Spain

Based out of Barcelona, Alex Trochut has been producing fantastic illustration and typography work for a variety of corporate and private clients.

ONEFASTBUFFALO - Fort Worth Stockyards, Web Page


Dallas, Texas

Founded by Ben Jenkins in 1999 and specializing in the “Art of Brand Manufacturing”, ONEFASTBUFFALO is a comprehensive design agency with a style that is distinctly Texas.

Greg Tariff - Overpopulation

Greg Tariff

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Greg Tariff is an interactive and graphic designer from western Massachusetts that is currently living in Hilton Head, SC. Trained in Graphic and Interactive Communications at the Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), Greg is an extraordinary talent with an impressive list of employers including Draft FCB, GREY Worldwide, and BFG Communications.

These Are Things - World Map, Black

These Are Things

Columbus, Ohio

These Are Things was established in 2009 as a collaborative design effort specializing in “design and illustration with a cartographic twist”.

Neil Warburton - Jenny

Neil Warburton

Neil Warburton is a versatile talent that has exceptional portfolio work in the fields of graphic design, branding/identity, web design, illustration, sculpture, and photography.

Midnight Umbrella - Tangram Postcard

Midnight Umbrella

Worcester, Massachusetts

Ryan Arruda of Midnight Umbrella is a “photographer–turned collage artist–turned graphic designer–turned poster designer, who’s also now trying his hand at illustration.”