El Jefe - Dum Dum GIrls

El Jefe

Derwood, Maryland

Hailing from just outside of America’s capital city, El Jefe is a heavyweight among the ranks of up-and-coming designers.

AMOSE - 12


Lille, France

AMOSE is an exceptional artist from Lille, France whose work exhibits a beautiful exploration and artistic exploitation of the human form.

Stephen Tompkins - Popped

Stephen Tompkins

Los Angeles, California

A self-described “cosmic kid” from Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen Tompkins is painter and illustrator with a reputation for his wild-style pop art.

Zara Hoang - Handsome Cycles, Interactive

Zara Hoang

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Working out of the City of the Lakes, Zara Hoang is an interactive designer and illustrator that embraces the transient nature of the internet and the evolutionary possibilities this dynamic media affords.

Mike Mitchell - I Am Not a Sith

Mike Mitchell

Los Angeles, California

Drawing heavily from pop art and cult classics, Mike Mitchell has amazing conceptual imagery and executes these concepts to nearly-photographic realism.

TV - Moss Marketing

Today’s Vibe

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Vibe is a multidisciplinary design agency comprised of three Philadelphian artists (Adil, Mike, and Jason) with every intention to “help rid the world of the ineffective, obsolete, and intrusive marketing techniques that assault every facet of modern life.”

Nick Iluzada - Boys

Nick Iluzada

Baltimore, Maryland

Nick Iluzada is a currently a senior at MIC/A and is majoring in illustration: his work has a handcrafted, yet polished aesthetic that has the ability to span a variety of mediums and themes.

Basic RGB

Aaron Miller

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Aaron Miller is “a determined young illustrator with a real passion for character illustration and contemporary styling.”

Nate Trapnell - Bury Me in my High Tops

Nate Trapnell

Melbourne, Australia

Nate Trapnell’s work has been described as an “Ed Roth/Asian tattoo artist” mashup.

Saccade - KomSindrom Icons


Barnaul, Russia

Headquartered in Barnaul, Russia, Saccade presents themselves as a design and visual communication firm.

Glitschka - Kusko

Glitschka Studios

Salem, Oregon

Hailing from the capitol of the great state of Oregon (Salem), Glitschka Studios has established themselves as a veritable Goliath of interdisciplinary design.

Frank Espinosa, Timebomb Attack

Frank Espinosa

New York, New York

Frank Espinosa is definitely not an up-and-coming designer. He has served as an art director at both Warner Brothers and Disney. Espinosa has also been nominated for three Esiner Awards and taught mythology, world-making, and character design at MIT in the Comparative Media Studies department.