Portland, Oregon

OMFGCO, or The Official Manufacturing Company, is a multi-disciplinary design studio from Rip City.

KSS - Solarwing, Web

Kitchen Sink Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

Kitchen Sink Studios is a creative and design consultancy based in Phoenix, Arizona and operated by Nicolas Hower and Kory Kapfer. The dynamic duo offers a wide range of design services — everything including the kitchen sink.

Canvas Group, Fox Johnston, Website

Canvas Group

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Canvas Group is a Sydney-based creative agency made up of a tight-knit team of designers. The agency has worked on over 3,000 projects and their awards speak to their success.

Ferroconcrete, Pinkberry


Los Angeles, California

Ferroconcrete loves brands! This Los Angeles-based firm is passionate about crafting attractive and entertaining brands for their clients.

Nathan Manire - Spank Rock, Detail

Nathan Manire

New York, New York

Nathan Manire is a unique and versatile design talent currently working out of New York City, with a bag of design tricks that include typography, art direction, branding & identity, information design, and illustration.

Catherine Bourdon, g'erme

Catherine Bourdon

Melbourne, Australia

Catherine Bourdon is a Canadian creative who specializes in print, branding, packaging and green design.

ONEFASTBUFFALO - Fort Worth Stockyards, Web Page


Dallas, Texas

Founded by Ben Jenkins in 1999 and specializing in the “Art of Brand Manufacturing”, ONEFASTBUFFALO is a comprehensive design agency with a style that is distinctly Texas.

Matiz Architecture & Design, Pratt Security Kiosk

Matiz Architecture & Design

New York, New York

Matiz Architecture & Design (MAD) is a “360 degree architectural, branding and design agency” headquartered in Manhattan.

20nine - Homepage


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

20nine is a fantastically innovative design firm from Conshohoken, PA whose goal is to “develop a clear, concise representation of the brand with the sole purpose of inspiring and soliciting a response from the end user.”

Love and War, The National, Signage

Love and War

New York, New York

Love and War is a New York based branding and advertising agency that was recently presented with a James Beard Foundation award.

Koodoz Design, Camp Luxe, Logo

Koodoz Design

Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Koodoz Design is a creative design studio based outside Melbourne, Australia. The studio has tackled projects ranging from web development to logo design.

Stir- Glace, Branding

Stir, LLC

Kansas City, Missouri

Stir, LLC is a marketing and branding agency hailing from the “Paris of the Plains”, Kansas City.

Hicksdesign, Desktop Wallpaper


Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Hicksdesign is a creative partnership located in the UK that produces web sites, user interfaces, branding, icons, and print designs.

Bobby McKenna - Self-Promo Poster (Detail)

Bobby McKenna

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bobby McKenna is a fantastically talented designer and illustrator currently collaborating with the British firm Supernice on web and print projects.

TV - Moss Marketing

Today’s Vibe

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Vibe is a multidisciplinary design agency comprised of three Philadelphian artists (Adil, Mike, and Jason) with every intention to “help rid the world of the ineffective, obsolete, and intrusive marketing techniques that assault every facet of modern life.”

Ai Carver, Jazzoo, Identity

Ai Carver

Kansas City, Missouri

Ai Carver is a designer at Barkley in Kansas City, Missouri, and has an exemplary portfolio of branding, logo, packaging, illustration, collateral, and conceptual work.

NoPatter - Target Racing

NoPattern Studio

Grand Rapids, Michigan

NoPattern is a multidisciplinary design agency that was established in 2003 by design guru Chuck Anderson.

Ben Barry - Connectivity Diagram

Ben Barry

Palo Alto, California

Running in the same vein as a past feature, Gerard Huerta, Ben Barry’s logo work is among the most recognizable work of our time. As he is one of the masterminds behind Facebook’s “buttons”, Mr. Barry has cultivated the graphic identity of the Facebook platform and headquarters.

Space - Monarch Bistro, Butterfly Room

Space Architectural Design

St. Louis, Missouri

Established in 2005, Space is an architectural design firm that has fantastic portfolios in the market sectors of hospitality, education, health care, corporate office, residential, and branding.