KWK Promes - Safe House, Daytime

KWK Promes

Katowice, Poland

Established in 1999 by Robert Konieczny and Marlena Wolnik, KWK Promes is a full-service architectural firm headquartered in Katowice, Poland.

Architect Cafe, House In Waga-Zaimokuza

Architect Cafe

Tokyo, Japan

The private residences of Japanese architectural firm Architect Cafe are thoroughly modern interpretations of the country’s traditional domestic dwellings.

Depave - Volunteer


Portland, Oregon

Depave is devoted to the betterment of the urban condition, and promotes the removal of unnecessary pavement from urban areas.

Robarts - Ogilvy & Mather, Seoul (2)

Robarts Interiors & Architecture

Beijing, China

Established in 1996 by co-founders Adam and Karyn Robarts, Robarts Interior Design and Architecture is a full-service architectural firm with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Manifesto Architecture - Infostructure 2

Manifesto Architecture

New York, New York

Manifesto Architecture is a full-service architectural and interior design firm specializing in residential, commercial, office, and institutional architectural discourse.

lab123 - Victor Hugo Artists' Studios


Paris, France

Lab123 is a multidisciplinary architectural design studio that has garnered a great deal of recent acclaim for their innovative and sustainable developments.

Marc Koehler Architects, House Like Garden

Marc Koehler Architects

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marc Koehler Architects is an award-winning design agency “specializing in architectural design and research at the intersection of urban culture, landscape, and visual identity.”

LOC - Pano

LOC Architects

Los Angeles, California

LOC Architects is a small but powerful architectural firm competing for its stake of the American architectural landscape.

Hyde+Hyde - Chapel

Hyde + Hyde Architects

Swansea, Wales

Established in 2006 by Kristian and Kay Hyde, Hyde + Hyde Architects is a RIBA-registered architectural practice headquartered in South Wales.

MHP - LOTT Clean Water Alliance RSC

Miller Hull Partnership

Seattle, Washington

The Miller Hull Partnership was born in a Washington State University design studio, where co-founders David Miller and Robert Hull began the friendship that eventually gave birth to today’s Featured Firm.

RAU - British School


Amsterdam, Netherlands

RAU has secured a foothold on the cusp of environmentally sustainable design, especially in the fields of carbon neutrality and self-sufficiency. Their architectural portfolio is thoughtful, contextually appropriate, and conceptually inspired

Space - Monarch Bistro, Butterfly Room

Space Architectural Design

St. Louis, Missouri

Established in 2005, Space is an architectural design firm that has fantastic portfolios in the market sectors of hospitality, education, health care, corporate office, residential, and branding.

Apollo - Tepe Private Residence

Apollo Architecture Studio

Tokyo, Japan

Apollo was established by Satoshi Kurosaki and has become known for its incredible sensitivity to building tactility and the marriage of materials. Apollo has produced literally dozens of formally forward, yet fantastically constructed architectural works that push the envelope without compromising structural integrity or programmatic function.

Snarkitecture - Box-Box Detail


Brooklyn, New York

Established by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture has been lighting up the design scene with their innovative and thoughtful art and architectural installations.

Rural Studio - Hale County Animal Shelter

Rural Studio

Auburn, Alabama

Rural Studio is a program for undergraduate students at the Auburn University College of Architecture, Design, & Construction, that describes its goal as being “committed to the people and the place”.

MVVA - Allegheny Riverfront

Michael Van Valkenburg & Associates

Brooklyn, New York

Michael Van Valkenburg & Associates has compiled a staggering number of high-profile competition wins and design awards, since its establishment in 1980 by namesake Michael Van Valkenburg.

SWA - The Houl Net-Zero Home

Simon Winstanley Architects

Glasgow, Scotland

Simon Winstanley Architects was named the winner of Glasgow Institute of Architects “Best Small Practice” of 2010.

WWAA - Competition Entry

WWAA Architects

Warsaw, Poland

WWAA Architects was founded as an architecture firm but has since experienced a great deal of success in parallel fields such as graphic design, fashion, furniture/product design, and interiors.

UrbanLab - Morgan St. Live-Work


Chicago, Illinois

rbanLab specializes as an architectural design firm, but the firm is also incredibly skilled in the fields of urban design, landscape design, urban planning, and city infrastructure(s).

Matter - Delightoscope MoMA PS1 Entry

Matter Practice

Brooklyn, New York

Matter Practice is an architecture and exhibition design firm located in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York.