Mikko Walamies, Low Poly Life 2

Mikko Walamies

Oulu, Finland

Mikko Walamies is an illustrator and creative from Oulu, Finland, with a varied range of experience.

Dan Mumford - Francesca

Dan Mumford

London, England

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator from London whose detailed illustrations have graced many album covers and rockers’ backs.

ONEFASTBUFFALO - Fort Worth Stockyards, Web Page


Dallas, Texas

Founded by Ben Jenkins in 1999 and specializing in the “Art of Brand Manufacturing”, ONEFASTBUFFALO is a comprehensive design agency with a style that is distinctly Texas.

Tokidoki, 24 Karat


Los Angeles, California

Tokidoki is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2003 by Italian artist Simone Legno, inspired by Japanese culture and surprisingly headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Jason Munn - Matt Pond PA

Jason Munn

Oakland, California

The Small Stakes studio was opened by Jason Munn as a poster shop in 2003 and is the product of Mr. Munn’s self-proclaimed “love of independent music, design, and making for the sake of making”.

Adam Hansel - N'Ice Cream

Adam Hansel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Now residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, Adam (aka DEADVOLT, ASH, and/or ADAMSKI) has exceptional skill in the fields of drawing, painting, illustration, animation, design, print, and construction.

PVD - Phuc with Dots


Horsens, Denmark

Dutch design firm PHUCISME works with the mantra of “new person | new idea | new collaboration”. While PHUCISME assumes a graphic and edgy style (as shown in the gallery below), they have successfully merged commercial pragmatism with artistic innovation.

Synapse, Therefore I Am, Website


Melbourne, Australia

Synapse is an interesting graphic design company that is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. This agency produces a noteworthy amount of print, apparel, web, and branding projects.

WOOZY - Beautiful Demise


Manila, Phillipines

The WOOZY coalition describes itself as “a premium lifestyle and street wear label with the goal of creating stylish, offbeat and original apparel.”

Matchstic, Atlanta Mission, Brand Identity


Atlanta, Georgia

According to brand identity firm Matchstic, “in business, your brand is everything.”

Superfex - Personal Branding

Claire Latchem (AKA Superfex)

Frome, United Kingdom

Superfex’s design aesthetic that has been described as “‘cute yet professional,” and has been sought after by a wide variety of corporate and independent entities.

Scott Hansen - Elk Print

Scott Hansen & ISO50

San Franciso, California

Scott Hansen and his design firm ISO50 hail from the “City by the Bay” and further that city’s already-stellar design reputation.

FSS - Suez Canal

Fleet Street Scandal

Portland, Oregon

Fleet Street Scandal is the collective brainchild of founding creative powerhouse, Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham.

ON!D - Illustration 1

OhNo!Doom Collective

Chicago, Illinois

OhNo!Doom Collective likens themselves to a “Wu-Tang Clan for illustrators and designers”.

My Associate Cornelius - This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man

My Associate Cornelius

Gardner, Kansas

What distances My Associate Cornelius’ aesthetic from that of its corporate competitors is the rawness consistent throughout the work.

Rotofugi - Flagship 2


Chicago, Illinois

Rotofugi is classified as a designer toy store; however, they are also heavily vested in the showcase of up-and-coming artists in their gallery series.

Rex Holloway - Rogue Status X Bianchi

Rex Holloway + ROGUE STATUS

Los Angeles, California

As the co-founder, co-owner, and artistic director of the cultural phenomenon Rogue Status, Rex Holloway has skyrocketed to the forefront of graphic and fashion design.



Port Jefferson, New York

ONETWENTYSIX is a small boutique studio that produces work of exceptional quality and craft.

Be Nice - Greek Challenge Logo

Be Nice + Supermandolini

Thessaloniki, Greece

Be Nice was established in 2005 and has become a leader in the fields of typography, logo design, web design/development, corporate identity, illustration, and photography.

Pankra - Title


The Hague, The Netherlands

Pankra was established in 2004 as a multimedia graphic design company based in the Netherlands.