WOOZY - Beautiful Demise


Manila, Phillipines

The WOOZY coalition describes itself as “a premium lifestyle and street wear label with the goal of creating stylish, offbeat and original apparel.”

Flatau - vs.You Army

Florian Flatau

Munich, Germany

Currently based in Munich FLATAU started from humble beginnings, stemming from roots using the moniker SHAWN to his period as THESIGNER to his eventual landing on his current name of FLATAU.

Nate Trapnell - Bury Me in my High Tops

Nate Trapnell

Melbourne, Australia

Nate Trapnell’s work has been described as an “Ed Roth/Asian tattoo artist” mashup.

Laundry, Cartoon Network, animation


Los Angeles, California

Laundry! works on design, animation, live action and visual effects for television commercials, TV network branding, and music videos.

Laundry - Patagonia Earth Series

Laundry Design Studio

Portland, Oregon

Laundry Studio specializes in “providing services in creative direction, graphic design, illustration and surface design for digital, print and environmental media.”

PTARMAK, Old Faithful Shop


Austin, Texas

PTARMAK has a well balanced portfolio full of great design work and old-timey goodness!

Frank Espinosa, Timebomb Attack

Frank Espinosa

New York, New York

Frank Espinosa is definitely not an up-and-coming designer. He has served as an art director at both Warner Brothers and Disney. Espinosa has also been nominated for three Esiner Awards and taught mythology, world-making, and character design at MIT in the Comparative Media Studies department.

Jean Jullien, Nike, Nike 78 project

Jean Jullien

London, United Kingdom

Jean Jullien is an extremely talented and widely published designer/illustrator who hails from Nantes, France.

Kamp Grizzly - Office Mural by Jonny Fenix

Kamp Grizzly

Portland, Oregon

Kamp Grizzly utilizes state-of-the-art media equipment to produce animation, branding, web design, and most importantly, humor.