This past Friday, Ballista Magazine had the pleasure of attending the Rotofugi gallery opening for Dan Heshka, a Canadian artist drawing inspiration from comic and pulp magazines.  Curated by Monte Beauchamp of BLAB! Magazine, Heshka’s Strange Powers exhibit featured upwards of twenty separate pieces in a variety of sizes and mediums.  Ballista Magazine had the pleasure of tweeting live from the event.

Our tweets, explained…

7:23pm – ballistamag: @rotofugi first blush: pinup realism meets war of the worlds! Nice.

— Buxom damsels in distress and spandex-clad superheroes are shown battling the imagined monsters of Dan Heshka’s subconscious.  The theme permeated throughout the exhibit, which will eventually be produced as a 32-card series of bubble gum cards.

7:43pm – ballistamag: only one piece deviates from the themes of heroism and distress and its my favorite! Where Am I? Sheer confusion.

— As previously noted, the exhibition featured a strong theme throughout the pieces; however, there were a couple pieces that deviated from the theme and piqued my interest.  While a vast majority of the pieces were battle scenes with an obvious Good vs. Evil theme, “Where Am I?” was unique in its ambiguity.  It was also nice to see the artist showcase his skills on a larger canvas as opposed to the small wood panels…

7:53pm – ballistamag: good turnout at the @rotofugi gallery!

— After an admittedly slow start, the exhibition quickly gained steam and had a strong showing for the duration of time I spent at the gallery.  I would have loved the chance to talk with Monte of BLAB!, but he was busy entertaining the crowds and fielding various questions regarding the gallery.  Ryan Heshka and Kirby Kerr were both very pleasant during the short time I had the pleasure of speaking with them; I didn’t have the luxury of speaking to Whitney, but there’s always next time!

8:14pm – ballistamag: The DJ here really loves his cowbells!

— There’s really not much more that can be said about this tweet…the man really did enjoy his cowbells!  Nice mix of music brought to you from the tables of DJ Genghis Won.  Not too overwhelming and a great variety of tracks and genres.

8:30pm – ballistamag: Heshka sure know how to party…working at his own gallery show haha!

— At the request of one of his buyers, Dan sat down to do some personalized notebook sketching.  This was a fairly steep request in my opinion (especially at his own gallery opening), but Dan humbly agreed and spent some time free-handing one of his signature pieces, “Strange Powers”.  Heshka showcased his skill by executing a near-duplicate piece in ink.  It was interesting to see the artist at work and added another dimension to the exhibition’s heavy emphasis on process.

See some of the pieces from the exhibition below; the images are a combination of my tweeted photos (sorry for the poor quality, the photos were taken on an Android for Twitter purposes) and photos from Rotofugi.  The Strange Powers exhibit will be running until June 13, 2010 at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Damen in Chicago’s East Village neighborhood.  In conclusion, the exhibit was great and I am looking forward to the next Rotofugi exhibit (to open June 18th featuring Kurt Halsey)!  Cheers.

To see more of the exhibition or purchase showcased pieces, stop by the Rotofugi Gallery’s website.  Images courtesy of Rotofugi & John F. Rizor.

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