NeoCon’s Guerrilla Truck Show 2010

Chicago, Illinois

On a wet and sticky day in June, the NeoCon World Trade Fair‘s metaphorical “cup” runneth over from the Merchandise Mart to Fulton Market, the site of the 6th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show.  Put on by DIFFA, the mission of this free event is to showcase independent artists and designers in an arena closely tied to the well-established artists and firms being showcased as part of the official NeoCon lineup.  With unique talent and free beer, the event is a pleasure for designers and the general public alike.

While NeoCon is a trade-only exposition and is not open to the public, the event features a slew of one-off parties that are more than welcoming to the public eye.  While we at Ballista Magazine are thankful for our passes to the event this year, the mission of the showcase was in keeping with the benchmarks of our young company and we jumped at the chance to see some of this undiscovered talent.

The event itself did not live up to expectations, due completely in part to the shoddy weather throughout the showcase.  With oppressive humidity and bouts of heavy rain punctuated by thunder and lightning, the crowds were smaller than expected and the crowed seemed physically uncomfortable.  The work, on the other hand, was incredibly refreshing and dynamic with representation from independent product designers as well as work featured in the adjacent galleries (i.e. Morlen Sinoway Atelier and Brickermade).  The independent stages were interesting in that the products were staged from the cargo area(s) of box trucks.  This allowed for the creation of mini-environments that could be entered and explored while working in conjunction with the existing street layout.  In my opinion, the most interesting display would be that of ETL, which showcased some really fantastic design work in a simple and understated environment.  Their furniture is not being mass-produced as of yet, but they are experimenting with some great materials and concepts (see the ETL table pictured below).

The other images provided below show some of the other interesting products and presentations of the Show.  The event will also be recapped (eventually) on its Facebook page.  Special thanks to Morlen Sinoway Atelier and congratulations on yet another great show!  Thanks for nothing, Mother Nature…

Images via John F. Rizor

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