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Zara Hoang

Minneapolis, Minnesota

On this day in the year 1858, the great state of Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state of our nation — accordingly, today’s Featured Face hails from the Land of the Lakes: Zara Hoang of Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Zara Hoang is an interactive designer and illustrator that embraces the transient nature of the internet and the evolutionary possibilities of this dynamic media.  We love this quote, from the Zarprey website:

“I’m fascinated with how the internet affects design and influences behaviour. There are limitations that you don’t see in traditional media and yet there are possibilities today, that yesterday might not have even existed. Every day I learn about something new and interesting. Since the internet is always changing, my job is always evolving and I am “forced” to keep learning new things. I can’t think of a better position to be in.” – Zara Hoang

Excellent stuff — fortunately, this passion is rivaled only by an extraordinary amount of talent in the fields of interactive design and illustration.  Zara’s work is habitually at the cusp of innovation without compromising usability; not surprisingly, we at Ballista Magazine aren’t the only ones who think so!  With a client list that includes Arctic Cat, Papa Murphy’s , Purina, Target, Yahoo!, Burger King, Carmax, and Cheerios (just to name a few), Zara’s work meets and exceeds the needs of some of the most recognizable brands and identities in the business world.

As always, more of Zara’s work can be found on her website, Twitter feed, and Tumbler account — we HIGHLY recommend you check out the additional work because lets be honest: the gallery below just doesn’t cut it.  Zara has extensive bodies of work in interactive design, illustration, and scads of preliminary sketches that we know you’ll love, so please visit the site(s)!

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