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Xavier Prou (AKA Blek le Rat)

Paris, France

Xavier Prou, more commonly known by the alias Blek le Rat, is considered among the graffiti community to be one of the (if not the primary) leaders of the European stencil graffiti movement in the 1980s.  This talented Parisian’s work is rooted in both art and war; while formally trained in the fine arts and architecture, Blek cited war propoganda in the years of WWII as one of the key components of the evolution of his style (per his interview with FecalFace).  While this style is often confused with the works of the Banksy, both artists have cited the other as inspiration.  And while their artwork may not withstand the streams from the pressure washers, this dynamic duo of stencil revolutionaries have left a permanent mark on their communities and the art community as a whole.  See more of Xavier/Blek’s work on his website and make sure to also check out the trailer for Exit Through the Giftshop, a documentary supposedly produced by Blek’s counterpart, Banksy!

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