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Wink, Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

While most Americans were hunkered down in their basements with countless jugs of water and non-perishable food items in anticipation for the supposedly apocalyptic Y2K disaster, Richard Boynton and Scott Thares were solidifying a design partnership.  Founded  by these two gentlemen in the year 2000, Wink is a multi-disciplinary design firm hailing from one of the Twin Cities of Minnesota: Minneapolis.  Minneapolis is to St. Paul what Richard is to Scott:  the yin to the yang and a partnership of power and beauty.  Despite being just two of the nearly 400,000 Minneapolitans who call the “City of the Lakes” home, the voice of the Wink partnership is a loud and proud beacon of Midwest design culture.

While Wink segments their work into market sectors such as advertising, branding, graphic design, environments, packaging, and marketing, a great deal of their work transcends categorization in just one of these categories.  It is for this reason that Wink has experienced such success as a multi-disciplinary design firm — the ability to produce versatile and powerful products.  We at Ballista are far from the first to notice this aptitude; Wink boasts an extremely reputable client list that includes the likes of Target, Macy’s, Nike, Turner Classic Movies, Toys R’ Us, American Eagle Outfitters, and The New York Times.  Their work hints at a vintage modern aesthetic but truly ranges the spectrum of design styles.

Aside from the Wink, Inc. website, the firm can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.  If you can pull yourself away from the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Spain, make sure to check these ultra-hip Minneapolitans out!  Have a great weekend, all!

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