Firmship 42

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Willem Nieland

Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

Willem Nieland is a Dutch nautical architect. His ships are timeless creations that incorporate established traditions from maritime construction and travel. Nieland focuses on subtle improvements to classic designs, rather than trying to impose radical change on those designs or engage in trend following.

As a designer, Nieland is constantly searching for ways to improve functionality — everything that goes into his ships must have clear added value, and he is known to remove excessive elements. Neiland adheres to Louis Sullivan’s famous mantra, “Form follows function” but in doing so, he is constantly seeking the beauty that arises from a system working together in harmony.

Antwerp based Studio Job recently collaborated with Nieland on the Firmship 42, a vessel that exemplifies Nieland’s design philosophy. Firmship 42 is a classically crafted vessel that is finished in a timeless nature. The ship features a warm and neutral palette and an interior that offers a modern take on traditional nautical aesthetics. The ship’s sculptural exterior was designed by Nieland and Studio Job focused on the design of the pilot house and cabin.

To view more of William Nieland’s work, you can visit his website (bear in mind he is a nautical architect, not a web designer). You can also learn more about the Firmship 42 at Additionally, several of Nieland’s other ship series can be found at Consonant Yachts and Pilot Connection.

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