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Chicago, Illinois

This past weekend the Chicago River was dyed green as part of the city’s St. Patrick’s day celebration. The event, which has occurred for over forty years, is sponsored by local plumbers unions. In years past, plumbers used fluorescein dye to trace contaminates flowing into the river. Seeing this green dye trickle into the water was the jumping off point for the large scale dying of the river. The EPA now considers fluorescein dye itself to be a contaminate, so 40 gallons of green tinted vegetable dye are used in the spirited transformation. To our knowledge today’s featured firm is not involved in the dying process, but they may appreciate this colorful expression of their city’s pride.

Weightshift is a design studio that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco, California. The Weightshift team is made up of Naz Hamid, Jen Schuetz, Scott Robbin, Andrew Huff, and Laurel Hechanova. Weightshift designs and builds experiences for clients coast-to-coast; including AIGA, Happy Cog, Microsoft, Mozilla Foundation, Obama for America, Time Warner Cable, and WordPress.

The websites, interfaces, identities, and print collateral Weightshift designs are both elegantly designed and highly usable. The Weightshift team adheres to several principles that guide the development their projects. The team’s commitment to crafting appropriate and flexible experiences makes their work standout above the pack. We think the studio’s work for Lookout is a splendid example of modern web design, and if you are a designer you should check out Interhoods and list yourself post-haste.

To view more of Weightshift’s top-notch work you can visit the studio’s website. You can also follow Naz Hamid on Twitter for studio related news. In addition, you can find websites and Twitter names for the rest of the Weightshift team at the bottom of the About Weightshift page.

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