Victo Ngai, Bells and Whistles / Boy on Bear

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Victo Ngai

Providence, Rhode Island

Victo Ngai recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. At the start of July 2010 she officially began her career as a freelance illustrator. Within the time span of a month Ngai landed her first interview and her work is increasingly popping up on design blogs. The reason behind the spotlight’s turn toward this designer’s work is simple… Ngai’s illustrations are incredible.

Ngai’s work is strongly influenced by Japanese woodblock prints and Asian culture at large. Much like Takashi Murakami (featured earlier this week), Victo Ngai has adapted and massaged a classic design archetype into her own unique style. Ngai achieves her unique style by working with both physical and digital media. Her illustrations come to life on paper with pen in hand and then are scanned to be composed and colored digitally.

Plansponsor and AI5000 Electronic have already featured her work on their pages. In fact, we would not be surprised in the least to see Ngai’s work in numerous publications in the near future. Her style is well suited to editorial illustration. Ngai has also received accolades from the 3×3 Student Show, COMMUNICATION ARTS, American Illustration, and others.

To view more of this talented illustrator’s work, we highly suggested paying a visit to her website and blog. To learn more about her process you should check out her interview at Old Book Illustrations.

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