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Ty Wilkins

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma has never been shy about its place in American economic history, claiming to be both the “Birthplace of Route 66” (along with SEVERAL other cities) as well as the self-proclaimed “Oil Capital of the World”.  While these claims may be slightly exaggerated, one claim that they have not made is their stake in the national and global design arenas; however, there has been a recent upsurgence in thoughtful design collateral coming out out of this great city and its native state.  As promised, Ballista Magazine is proud to present today’s SECOND design feature of the day: Mr. Ty Wilkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma!

A self-described typomaniac, Mr. Wilkins is a graduate of Auburn University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a well-documented passport.  Prior to graduating in 2003, Ty spent two years living in Buenos Aires, Argentina cultivating a passion for the Spanish language and international travel — two years that would prove to be integral to his personal and artistic development.  Ty’s post-graduation happenings included a brief stint at Gardner Design in Wichita, Kansas (where a great deal of his personal portfolio was compiled) before striking out on his own as a freelance illustrator.  Currently, Ty serves as an educator in Typography for the Academy of Art University‘s online undergraduate program and curates the fantastic contemporary typography blog Type Theory.  His work is eloquent in its simplicity, profound in its execution, and often utilizes highly geometric forms in modern mosaic arrangements…truly excellent stuff.

More of Ty’s personal work can be found courtesy of his website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn profile.  Please also check out the Type Theory blog for other typophilic designers and work that Ty curates.  We at Ballista Magazine hope you enjoyed today’s double dose of design features and we’ll see you right back here tomorrow afternoon!

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