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Tin Salamunic

Richmond, Virginia

Tin Salamunic is a commercial illustrator who lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. He has worked with national and international clients, including ESPN Magazine, Men’s Health, Oakley, Playboy Magazine, Runner’s World, Scholastic, and The Washington Post. As you can see Tin’s work is in high demand, and well suited to a variety of applications (from Playboy Magazine to Scholastic books).

Tin was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia in 1983. Because of the political instability in the region his parents move their family to Münster, Germany, and in 1998 to the United States. Tin attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a BFA in Communication Arts in 2006.

Educating younger designers is an important part of Mr. Salamunic’s life and practice. He taught at Virginia Commonwealth University for over four years, instructing a variety of visual courses. He also founded the The Art Educators Blog in 2010 with Tomer Hanuka, Frank Stockton, Sterling Hundley, and Josh George. The Art Educators Blog’s mission is to provide advice and show step–by–step process to students and young artists.

You can view a far superior selection of Mr. Slamunic’s work on his website. This talented illustrator can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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