The Nerdery - EA Sports Smack Shack

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The Nerdery

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A self-proclaimed haven of nerd-dom (nerderdom?), the appropriately named Nerdery is a Minneapolis-based Interactive Production company with a history of explosive growth.  After its inception in 2003 by three programmers, the Nerdery has grown to a staff of 294 employees with an impressive resume and (with the collaboration of their agency partners) a stocked awards shelf.

The Nerdery is “a company and culture created by nerds and for nerds” that has amassed and completed 4,585 projects (current tally) for 839 clients.  The attention to detail and precision permeates their process, but not in a way that restricts their employees from being themselves.  As a result the Nerdery is capable of handling just about anything clients can throw at them, including tech strategy, UX, user analysis, interface design, front-end development, programming, deployment, and project management services.

You absolutely MUST go their website, as the images in the gallery absolutely do not do their work or identity justice.  That said, if you want to REALLY get your nerd on, make sure to check them out on the social mediasphere: TwitterFacebookVimeo, and Flickr links should suffice for now.  Otherwise, you can always stop by their blog for up-to-the-minute updates on the company and its happenings.

Editorial Note: The Nerdery often collaborates with agencies to “build [their] big ideas into interactive marketing masterworks.” The agency responsible for the concept and design of the NFL Madden Smack Shack (pictured, above left) is San Fransisco-based Heat. The Nerdery as you might expect completed all of the nerdy, programming work associated with the project.


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