Monarchs Playing Cards

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The Neighborhood Studio

Austin, Texas

The Neighborhood Studio is your friendly “One Stop Shop” for all things design related. The studio is run by Curtis Jinkins, an award winning designer and art director with nearly a decade of agency experience. The studio’s name is derived from the border-reducing nature of our global communication networks. With email, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, we’re all essentially neighbors now. And for a design shop, like The Neighborhood Studio, the world’s your oyster.

The Neighborhood Studio has adapted to this paradigm shift in stride. The studio works with a diverse array of clients, including entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, publications, non-profits, and friends and family. In addition, the studio has cultivated a broad skill set that it can leverage to produce buzz-worthy design. Among the studio’s many skills are logo and icon design, branding, illustration, custom type, web design, dog walking, and chainsaw repair.

You have likely seen The Neighborhood Studio’s collaboration with Theory11. This superbly designed set of playing cards (of all things) captured the attention of the design blogosphere. The story was picked up by several major outlets, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a few of our readers even picked up a deck. The success of this project points to The Neighborhood Studio’s undeniable design chops, and their acute understanding of the role social media plays in modern marketing.

You can view a full selection of The Neighborhood Studio’s work on their website.

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