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Telegramme Studio

London, United Kingdom

Telegramme Studio started as a collaboration. With Christopher in Bristol and Bobby based in Cornwall the future founders initially developed a creative partnership that relied on the post, and a mutual love of music and art. This collaboration was so successful it eventually led to the founding of a fully functional creative studio.

Bobby currently operates the physical Telegramme Studio in East London. The studio’s primary focus is illustration and art direction, but the collaborative nature of the environment often leads Bobby on creative detours. Telegramme Studio is part of the OPEN Studio initiative, which encourages design education and entrepreneurship. As such, Telegramme Studio has an open door policy, and studio swaps are always welcome.

Telegramme Studio is also fond of bartering for design. For example, Bobby provides Pervical Menswear with ongoing illustration and art direction in exchange for seasonally appropriate clothing. Bobby has set up similar arrangements with Origin Coffee and Loligo Printing. Additionally the studio has worked for Habitat, The Times, The Financial Times, and Random House (in probably a more conventional arrangement).

Telegramme Studio recently launch a new website, which provides an excellent demonstration of their skill level. Additional, the studio/Bobby can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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