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Tatiana Plakhova

Moscow, Russia

Tatiana Plakhova is a Russian graphic designer with a penchant for her fusion of information/data visualization and graphic design, a marriage she terms “complexity graphics”.  A 30-year old native of Moscow, Tatiana has advanced degrees in Social Psychology (Moscow State University) and Graphic Design (High Academic School of Graphic Design) — a mixture of science and art that has undoubtedly inspired her portfolio of self-described “complexity graphics”.  With a client list that includes the likes of Procter&Gamble, HP, Playboy, and Wired Magazine, Tatiana’s design work is making a splash in the corporate and private sectors of the creative world.

So how did Ms. Plakhova’s journey evolve from one of scientific rigor to one of artistic creativity?  After a brief stint working as a scientist and psychologist after graduation, Tatiana found she was drawn to the field of design but remained true to her scientific background, designing covers for academic journals.  Accordingly, her work evolved into a heavily technical product while maintaining a levity that is uncharacteristic of traditional information design.  Her amazing work can be classified as an abstract “description” of the subject, combining aspects of data visualization, graphic design, photography, and illustration into incredible print and video collateral.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that all of Tatiana’s work is handmade rather than via mechanical reproduction; while her work resembles fractal art, her work is “alive” in a way that a machine cannot replicate.  Her highly-detailed compositions of lines and dots actually evolved from a series of doodles and are heavily inspired by music.  According to her website, her work is comprised of mixed media including hand drafts, vectors (primarily Adobe Illustrator-based), math functions, photography and paintings.  According to the editors of Ballista Magazine, her work is that of a pure genius.  We have featured multiple data and information designers, but Tatiana is definitely at the forefront of the profession.

For the unquenched mind, more of Tatiana’s work can be found on her website,  Flickr, the Behance network, and Facebook.  She is also currently working as a partner of Colour Atelier, a Russian design agency focusing on branding, web design, and identity work in addition to her astounding information graphics.  Ballista Magazine expects more great things from this talented artist, so be sure to keep track of her work in the near and distant future!

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