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Melbourne, Australia

It was a busy day at the Ballista office, but we’re still happy it’s the start of another week and that we can share with you today’s Featured Firm: Synapse!

Synapse is an interesting graphic design company that is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. This agency produces a noteworthy amount of print, apparel, web, and branding projects. There’s very little information about the company itself on the Synapse website, but we won’t let that keep us from sharing their impressive work with you.

This company has completed a significant amount of work for the music industry, including both album artwork and apparel. These two basic offerings present a unique challenge for designers. Album artwork and packaging is an entry point for both new and old fans. These packages need to be relevant to the band or musician they represent, and at the same time be eye catching on the shelf. Apparel on the other hand is most likely acquired by existing fans. However, even a t-shirt still needs to champion the band or musician to the unfamiliar. In both cases, the design solution needs to work on two levels, appealing to both the familiar and unfamiliar. Synapse excels at this challenge.

Synapse’s portfolio also contains strong examples of branding, web design, and even animation. To view all of this and more, check out Synapse online via their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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