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Stephen Tompkins

Los Angeles, California

“Tompkins’ work is almost like as if the entire Dr. Seuss series of children books (not as if that series wasn’t bizarre enough) went on a 14 day LSD binge with all the other necessary drug accoutrements like in “Fear and Loathing Las Vegas“…pure chaotic beauty.” – Empty Kingdom

Today’s Featured Face is Stephen Tompkins, an illustrator from Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Tompkins has been on our radar and in our feature queue for quite some time, but with his recent deal going live on, we thought it would be appropriate to give our take on this talented artists’ work…

A self-described “cosmic kid” from Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen Tompkins is painter and illustrator with a reputation for his wild-style pop art.  Mr. Tompkins is a graduate of Bowling Green University in 1995 with a B.A. in Philosophy and has also completed post-graduate work in semiotics and phenomenology (Ohio University) and art, music theory and electronic music composition (Cleveland State University).  His diverse educational background has contributed to the unconventional subject matter of his work.  On first glance, Stephen’s work appears to be compositions of fragmented, yet somehow recognizable forms arranged in ways that disassociate the end result from any meaning implied by its parts.  Take “Popped”, for example:  the piece is an arrangement of discernible forms (womens’ torsos, etc.) composed in a way that references the title but not the subject parts.

As always, you can find more of Stephen’s work by visiting his website and/or blog.  Mr. Tompkins can also be found on Facebook or Twitter under the handle @misterstephent.  Ballista Magazine wishes you the best this weekend and we’ll be back with another feature on Monday…or will we?  Early next week, Ballista Magazine will be launching the first installment of our guest-blogger series so be sure to stop in for a third-party take on an up-and-coming design Firm or Face!


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