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Snow & Graham

Chicago, Illinois

Today, Ballista Magazine is celebrating the birth of one of our finest American presidents, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  Despite the well-known fact that Honest Abe was born in Kentucky, today’s featured firm comes to you from the “Land of Lincoln” where he served as the Illinois state delegate in the House of Representatives from 1846 – 1848.  For those of you that have not had the distinct pleasure of running across these creatives, we at Ballista Magazine are proud to introduce you to Snow & Graham!

Snow and Graham has been an “aesthetic headquarters” in the Windy City since 1998, specializing in modern paper novelties, exotic stationary materials, and fine art letterpress printing.  In a increasingly digital world, Snow & Graham abides by the time-tested practice of written correspondence and merges contemporary, modern style with rich and supple canvases.  Since its inception, Snow & Graham has exponentially grown and now has an international presence with hundreds footholds in six different countries — a presence that validates their skill set in a design profession that is often conceived as archaic and outdated.  Snow & Graham is bringing it back!

Never fear though, faithful audience — despite Snow & Graham’s devotion to the non-digital arts, the firm has a strong digital media presence which features the likes of an outstanding blog, even better website, and an active Twitter account to keep their fans in the know about all of their goings-on.  Please visit these resources for more information and send that special someone a card on the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.  We at Ballista Magazine hope you have a pleasant weekend and we’ll be back on Monday with a St. Valentine’s day special!

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