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Brooklyn, New York

Originated in the late-1800s, modern day table tennis (then known as wiff-waff…really?) began as a game reserved for the highest class of British society.  From these not-so-humble beginnings arose a cultural phenomenon, adopting its modern-day moniker of Ping Pong (as trademarked by J. Jaques & Son Ltd in 1901) and eventually gaining recognition as an official Olympic sport in 1988.  Today’s Featured Firm has been widely publicized for its recent use of the sports’ trademark celluloid ball as a wall treatment — yet another highly-acclaimed and uber-cool art and architectural collaborative from Brooklyn, New York, Snarkitecture.  We at Ballista realize that we keep revisiting this historic borough of New York City, but lets be honest with each other…there is some AMAZING work coming from the BK!

Established by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, this Brooklyn-based collabo has been lighting up the design scene with their innovative and thoughtful art and architectural installations.  Their 90sf Box/Box build-out, a design/build pied-à-terre whose walls are adorned with various shades of grayscale ping-pong balls, was recently recognized in Fast Co. Design (and GizmodoThe New York Observer and Curbed, to name a few more) for its innovation, style, and incredibly economical delivery.  According to their website, the interest of Snarkitecture is not to make buildings per se, but rather “lies in working on designs within existing spaces or collaborating with other architects and artists on existing projects”.  This approach allows this dynamic duo to “make architecture do things that it is not supposed to do.”

To view more of Snarkitecture’s work, please visit their website and/or any of their other social media connections — in addition to Facebook, the official firm profile can be found courtesy of Architizer at Snarkitecture!  We at Ballista Magazine wish you a happy Thursday as we bring you the final Feature of the week tomorrow afternoon!

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