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Scott Hansen & ISO50

San Franciso, California

San Francisco has long been regarded a city of high design.  Its balance of Victorian and modern architecture punctuated by international landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge has resulted in a romantic, almost surreal visage of the West Coast city.  In reality, the city was forged by gritty pioneers of the California Gold Rush, quickly becoming the 4th largest city in California and the 12th largest metropolitan area in the United States.  Today’s feature, Scott Hansen (and his design firm ISO50), hails from the “City by the Bay” and builds upon its already-stellar design reputation.

Within artistic circles, the only discernible criticisms of Hansen’s work is its instant recognizability and adherence to style.  It is no secret that the work of ISO50 is of the same vein; however, we at Ballista Magazine feel that the visual cues taken by Mr. Hansen are not rigid enough to limit the adaptability of his work.  This is incredibly important to the success of multi-disciplinary firms — the work can still be thematic without being trite.  ISO50 continues to provide fresh, dynamic collateral without deviating from their core principles.  The work is warm, colorful, and strikes a delicate (and fantastic) balance between gestural and highly-detailed forms.

To call a spade a spade, this feature is not enough to do Scott’s work justice, so make sure you stop by the ISO50 website for his online portfolio.  We at Ballista Magazine habitually encourage our loyal audience to check out our features’ personal sites, but this case warrants additional encouragement.  The ISO50 website is truly fantastic, especially when complemented by Mr. Hansen’s Facebook & Twitter pages.  Cheers!

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  1. Shogun

    The buckminster fuller “god is a verb” image is not by Scott Hansen, it is “inspired” by him but done by another artist.

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