Heatherlands Poolhouse

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Satellite Architects

London, United Kingdom

Satellite Architects is an award winning, London-based architecture firm that is committed to modern, sustainable design. Satellite views sustainability not “as an added benefit to architectural designs but as an integral part of the process.”  The firm understands the architect’s critical role in the building process, and is a champion for sustainable best practices throughout. Success at Satellite is judged by the experience of their clients; for whom they have designed everything from social housing to eco-villages to bus stops.

The leadership at Satellite Architects has been influential in cultivating the firm’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Managing Director, Stewart Dodd, has a deep-seated commitment to sustainable design. His work in this area has been extensively published, and has earned him membership in the Royal Institute of British Architects and a fellowship with the Royal Society of Arts. Director, Kristin Cross, and Associate Director, Camilla Nordgren, bring international viewpoints to the firm, and an additional commitment to the marrying of sustainability and modern architectural design.

Collaboration is also key to Satellite Architects success. They have worked with several like minded companies and organizations, including Forestry Stewarship Council, Brooks Devlin Associates, and River Cottage. The firm  is also a member of the UK Green Building Council. Visit Satellite Architects at satellitearchitects.com to view their complete portfolio.

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