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Russell Alton (AKA Chop Logik)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I strive to demonstrate the result of simply opening your mind and pouring it onto the canvas, making the work an exercise in meditation as well as creation. Each piece is an exploration of methods to express something fundamental within us, often mixed up with humour, graphic irreverence & surrealism.”
-Russell Alton, AKA Chop Logik

Today’s Featured Face is a self-proclaimed “good samaritan ninja” hailing from the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada.  For the skeptics of our audience, Canada does in fact have a healthy ninja population as evidenced by The Canadian Ninja comic strip by Rogers Beausoleil and the current belt-holders of the Shimmer professional women’s wrestling league, the Canadian Ninjas.  The list doesn’t stop there; Canadian-born Keanu Reeves was borderline ninja in the Matrix Trilogy and still others consider the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to be members of the ninjutsu fraternity.  Regardless…the ninjas have a new member: Russell Alton, a.k.a Chop Logik.

While we don’t know much about the background, education, or career pursuits of Mr. Alton, we can definitely verify that he is an extremely skilled as an artist/illustrator.  His work varies from anywhere from technically rigorous to napkin sketches, but he he consistently produces highly-developed characters and concepts throughout.  Ballista Magazine would like to apologize in advance for compromising the identity of Chop Logik, as we understand that stealth and anonymity are paramount in the ninja underworld; however, we knew the public would enjoy his work and felt obligated to share.  For more Chop Logik, please visit Russell’s website, blog, Twitter, and/or Facebook pages and leave him some love!

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