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Ruben Ireland

London, United Kingdom

Ruben Ireland is a London-based illustrator that uses a fusion of traditional and digital imaging techniques to create spectacular and mysterious portraits.  There is no shortage of artists that employ a mixture of media in their work; however, we struggle to find a likeness in Ruben’s particular style of delivery.  He is a master of his craft — a craft that may be unique to him alone.

Ruben’s portraiture series has an unarguable mystery about it — a majority of his “subjects” (which we cautiously assume to be fictional) are often depicted with ornamental headpieces, face paint, or poor lighting, obscuring the very identity a typical portrait would attempt to capture.  This approach is quite novel, resulting in a lively, raw, and interpretive product.  Ruben has also applied his unique style to the likes of Sir Peter Cook and a cult icon/personal favorite, Ms. Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction fame.  

Here at Ballista, we try as often as possible to put our money where our mouth is by supporting the efforts of our featured designers and artists.  As an owner of two Ireland’s pieces of my own, I can say with confidence that his work will look great on your wall.  His website is currently under construction, but adequately serves as a jump-off point for his Society6, Twitter, Behance, and Facebook pages.  Make sure to check him out!

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