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Chicago, Illinois

The dynamic marital duo of Kirby and Whitney Kerr established Rotofugi in the summer of 2004 and have been on an upward tear to the pinnacle of designer toy suppliers ever since.  Located in the “City of Broad Shoulders” (Chicago, as penned by poet Carl Sandburg in 1916), the Rotofugi collective have dedicated themselves and their lives to the purveyance of pleasure.  Some of you may be asking “Why Rotofugi? That’s a pretty odd name…”; we at Ballista Magazine are happy to oblige you with the answer to that question!  The company moniker is actually a combination of “Roto-” (referencing roto-casting, the molding process used for vinyl toy production) and “-fugi”, the Kerrs lovable beagle-shihtzu puppy.  When combined, these completely unrelated root origins also happened to sound “vaguely asian”, which is a tribute to the heavy Eastern influence on the genre.

By trade, Rotofugi is classified as a designer toy store; however, they are also heavily vested in the showcase of up-and-coming artists in their gallery series.  Ballista Magazine is obviously appreciative of this undertaking, as showcasing young talent is part of our mission as well.  Rotofugi’s current gallery showcase involves the artwork of Ken Keirns and Jimmy Pickering and will soon shift to the work of Ryan Heshka, a Vancouver-based illustrator that will be showcased as part of Ballista Magazine’s “Featured Faces”.  Their products are fun, their merchandise is fun, and their art is seriously fun; if you are ever in the Windy City, we definitely suggest stopping in…

The Kerrs and Rotofugi have their pinkies in a variety of pies, so be sure to check out the Rotofugi website if you don’t have the means for a Chicago adventure.  Rotofugi can also be found on Twitter and Facebook as well.  Have a great weekend!

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