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Robarts Interiors & Architecture

Beijing, China

On this day in 1989, over 100,000 students gathered in Beijing’s historic Tiananmen Square to begin a non-violent demonstration for the cause of economic reform and liberalization in China.  The protest, which evolved as a results of the death of Hu Yaobang (a political activist in favor of liberalization) lasted over seven weeks and became an immediate international media sensation after the People’s Republic of China declared martial law to disperse the mass.  One of the most famous photographs of all time, “Tank Man”, chronicles one particular demonstrator who stood in front of a line of tanks in protest.  Today’s Featured Firm is headquartered in city of this historic and monumental demonstration: Robarts Interiors & Architecture of Beijing.

Established in 1996 by co-f0unders Adam and Karyn Robarts, Robarts Interior Design and Architecture is a full-service architectural firm with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  With a full-time staff of over 60 designers varying between Chinese and Western descent, the firm is firmly established in the market sectors of corporate interiors, architecture, education and healthcare projects with over 300 built projects in China in the past decade alone.  The diversity of the staff is evident in the balance of Eastern and Western design philosophies found perfectly balanced within their portfolio, which features work ranging from edgy and contemporary (in the case of the Ogilvy & Mather commercial interior), to serene and intimate (in the case of the Robarts residence).

To see more of the Robarts’ impressive professional portfolio, we at Ballista Magazine encourage you to visit their website and browse around.  The firm has no discernible social media presence at the current time, but we hope to see some feeds developing soon!  As always, if you or anyone you know has the design chops worthy of a feature on our site, feel free to request a feature using our Submit a Firm form!

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