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Reverend Danger

San Diego, California

The Reverend Danger website is one of the most novel and enjoyable websites we have experienced to date. The website features all of the cutting-edge web technologies that critics usually like to point out, but in this case that doesn’t even matter. We would like to point out however, the incredible experience the Revered Danger team crafted for the user–one that gives us all a glimpse into the team’s creative process and their personalities. On the Reverend Danger website they state, “We are a digital agency specializing in harmonious interactive design.” Having experienced the agency’s website we have no reason to doubt that assertion.

Chris Driscoll, Preston Pope and BJ Fleming make up the Reverend Danger team. Chris is an interface designer who was previously at Blitz Agency. Preston is the chief developer and audio engineer. BJ is the writer, editor and content strategist. Together they can tackle user interfaces, illustration, animation, mobile apps, websites, brand identity, direct marketing and many other modern design related tasks.

The Reverend Danger team has decades of experience between them, but it appears that they are just getting underway with this current configuration of talent. There are a few projects listed on the agency’s website, but we anticipate great things to come. In the meantime, check out the Reverend Danger website (be sure to view the site as both the “Reverend” and “Danger” to see all the graphic variations) and visit the FX Networks website to see how the team arranged massive amounts of content with style. Additionally, you can follow the Reverend Danger team members on Twitter: @chrisddriscoll, @snakrificialham and @popeix.


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