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Resolution:4 Architecture

New York, New York

Established in New York City in 1990, Resolution:4 Architecture is a small but powerful design firm specializing in residential, commercial, and public works.  Led by a young duo of talented principals (Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz), Resolution:4 seeks to “investigate, re-investigate, work with the palpable, illuminate the obscure, and understand the composite interface of architecture, its user, and its context” (via Res:4).  Their current undertakings include the development of The Modern Modular, an investigation that seeks to revolutionize suburban residential dwelling through pre-fabrication.  While prefabrication in itself is not a novel endeavor, The Modern Modular focuses on the development of existing technologies and innovative applications.  There is no shortage of publication or acclaim on this young firm but if you haven’t seen this firm, check out their website now!

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