Quentin Simonine, L'Edition 2011, The Experience of Construction

Portfolio Preview

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Quentin Simonin

Saint Etienne, France

L’Édition 2011 of  the ESAD Saint Etienne Graduate Student Initiative was recently featured on Core77. The collection features the final projects of Masters students at the École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint Étienne (ESAD), and among the students work you will find many engaging and creative product designs. In particular, we enjoyed Quentin Simonin’s transient furniture concepts in “The Experience of Construction” so today we are going to take a further look at Simonin’s work.

Quentin Simonin is a twenty-three year old designer who lives and works in Saint Etienne and Paris, France. Quentin graduated from Saint Etienne ESAD in 2009 with honors, and since graduation he has worked as a freelance designer specializing in product design, packaging, interior design, and web design. Quentin has a healthy portfolio of student work and a CV that points toward a promising professional career in design. In particular, Quentin developed a project in partnership with Morgan Pluchon that was featured in the LOVE DESIGN exhibition at the 2009 Milan International Furniture Fair – Design Week.

A few of our favorite Simonin projects can be found in the gallery below. To view the rest of Quentin Simonin’s exciting portfolio visit quentinsimonin.com. The designer can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Viadeo.


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