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Phil McAndrew

San Diego, California

Phil McAndrew is a San Diego-based illustrator and cartoonist with a special brand of style.  A native of Syracuse, NY and a graduate of Daemen College in Buffalo, Phil has created works for publications such as MAD Magazine, King Magazine, Grimalkin Press, Newcity, the Syracuse Post-Standard, and our personal favorite: the Moo Cow Fan Club Magazine (to name a few).  He also has an apparent penchant for mustaches…but don’t we all?

According to his website, Mr. McAndrew has “created illustrations and comics for books, magazines, newspapers, television,
theatrical sets, clothing, posters, album covers, gallery exhibits, websites, and fun”.  His work is narrative in nature and often portrays his characters’ personality traits by distorting conventional proportions…for example, his Krampus character has exaggerated arm length and facial features (nose and tongue), giving the character a menacing and evil aura.  These techniques are often taken for granted, but the ability to develop a character’s personality in 2-d with these exaggerated elements is worthy of applause.

For more of Phil’s work, please visit his website or personal blog, the Marvelous Mustache Factory.  Mr. McAndrew can also be found on FacebookTwitterFlickr, and Tumblr…so that should keep you busy for the rest of the day.  Enjoy!

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