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Graz, Austria

Furniture created by perludi is highly covetable and innovative in design.  The only problem is… the furniture is for children.  From their base of operations in Graz, Austria, perludi designs and builds furniture “that places children and their needs” first.  That is a wonderful aspiration (we’re sorry for saying it was a problem earlier).  Supplying children with thoughtfully designed objects is a great way to foster appreciation for design.  Perludi’s work also makes it quite clear that design can and should be accessible to everyone.

Perludi takes their commitment to children seriously.  When tackling a new project, children are consulted for ideas, needs, and wishes.  This feedback is used to form a design brief.  A team of product designers, architects, psychologists, engineers, and others use the briefs to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products.  The firm not only incorporates children in the design process, but also thinks about their future. We certainly appreciate their comment to both.

We have to assume perludi’s inspirational furniture is creating aspiring new designers every day. You can check perludi out on Facebook and via their website.


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