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The Hague, The Netherlands

Pankra was established in approximately 2004 as a multimedia graphic design company based in the Netherlands.  We use the word “approximately” because it was established in a bedroom and none of the three founding partners (Robert-Jan van NoortWijtze Valkema, & Lucas Reinds) can actually put a date on when Pankra “proper” began.  Boasting one of the “least consistent playlists in the history of iTunes” and “a really bad collection of office jokes”, Pankra’s humble beginnings haves since fluorished into a graphic design powerhouse.

The Dutch have developed a reputation for being on the cusp of modern design; Pankra is adding to this notoriety through their thoughtful and dynamic approach to the field of multimedia graphic design.  With offices in the cities of Den Haag, Meppel, and Kampen, the Pankra team has positioned themselves geographically and metaphorically among the leaders of their field.  Their markets include identity and branding, illustration, print and web design, and fashion with a client list that includes: Polka Dot Jersey, Pinhead Records, KRO, Music Mayday, Postcode Loterij, Rabobank, Sally Forth Records, Comedytrain, Congres & Studie Centrum, EO, Excelsior Records, Shell, Sony Music, Third, Thomas Decker…and the list goes on.

These guys are doing fantastic work, so make sure to visit the Pankra website; if nothing else you can download free stuff!  For our burgeoning Dutch audience: check out Pankra’s Twitter page; for our english-speaking friends: half of their tweets are in English so pick and choose accordingly.  The language of design is universal…but Google Translate works well also.  Enjoy!



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