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Port Jefferson, New York

When you start out as a designer or design firm, you often have to try your hand at everything to maintain a steady flow of clients.  One day you may work on a web design, the next be charged with the development of a logo.  As time passes, you will likely find your niche and start to hone your skills.  You may focus on digital design by working on web sites and interactive design or you may hang out your shingle as a branding shop, producing logos and collateral.  If you’re truly fortunate, you may discover that you excel on all fronts.

ONETWENTYSIX seems to be a member of the later, exceedingly fortunate group.  The firm’s expertise covers 9 design realms: branding, design, illustration, photography, typography, fashion, web, marketing, and consulting.  Their grasp on all of these disciplines can be seen throughout their portfolio.

Located a short sail from Manhattan, the firm is a small boutique studio that produces work of exceptional quality and craft.  Their statement regarding the “enthusiasm and diligence” they bring to every project is no boast; both are incredibly evident in their work.  In particular, their forays into the world of fashion have received critical acclaim.

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